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Battery Regenerator

Product Description

[Battery Regenerator & Discharger]
The most advanced battery storage optimizer

Specifications: PRIME Battery Regenerators (Made-in-KOREA)

PRIME regenerators are indispensable machines to restore Forklift & UPS batteries. Extend over twice life span & capacity

What is the PRIME Battery Regenerator ?

=> It is the most innovative machine to restore used lead-acid batteries.

* Can restore all kinds of lead-acid batteries if cell is not physically damaged.

* Can remove sulfation crystal on the plates entirely by the optimized pulse.

* Can regenerate up to 90~100% capacity comparing with new battery’s capacity.

* Can extend battery life span up to 2~3 times longer.

* Can restore without any damages to battery with the optimized pulse.

* Optimized charging algorithm data allows the most efficient way of recharging.


What is different bewteen Charger and Regenerator ?

* Charger - It can not improve the capacity and life span of battery.

* Regenerator - It can restore inside cells, and it can improve its capacity and life span as almost same
  as new battery condition.


It is very good for eco-friendly energy & cost saving business, and there will be no other product as much as our saving results against investing amount. I am sure that your government will also be very encouraged and recommended this renewable energy business for saving much money and energy.


PRIME Battery Regenerators and Identifier

PRIME S500 Battery Regenerator : 2V~96V all-in-one voltage, 3Kw SMPS, Max. 60A output current, 8 inch Touch Screen Monitor, Single Phase.  All kind of Lead-acid batteries as small as a 2-volt individual cell to a bank of 96-volt cells.  This system easily de-sulfates all kind of lead-acid batteries up to 3,000Ah such as Forklift, Telecom UPS, Golf Carts and automotive /solar/UPS batteries with sizes of 2-volt, 4-volt, 6-volt, 8-volt, 10-volt, 12-volt, 24-volt, 36-volt, 48-volt, 60-volt, 72-volt, 80-volt, 84-volt or 96-volt batteries. You can also connect batteries in series, such as max.  8 batteries of 12 volts each, which equals a 96-volt bank of batteries or max. 24 batteries of 2 volts, which equals a 48-volt bank of UPS and Forklift batteries as well.   And more ....  (Maximum Power Consumption : 3Kw, Single Phase, 220VAC)

RPT-S500 :   (3-in-1)      
 1.  Regenerator (2V~96V all adjustable voltages-in-one, Up to 3,000Ah capacity) at ‘REGENERATION’
2.  Charger (2V~96V all adjustable voltages-in-one, Up to 3,000Ah capacity) at ‘CHARGE’ mode
3.  Expert Mode (2V~96V free setting mode of Voltage, Current & Time for special & sleeping batteries)
      * Mainly used for Forklift, Golf Cart and UPS batteries.
      * A serial connection up to 12V x 8 batteries at the same time. (‘REGENERATION’ and ‘CHARGE’

PRIME S600 = S500 + 5KW Discharger  (Two machines are Combined as 4-in-1)
       * Can be used with a Regenerator and a Discharger at the same time.
       * PRIME S500 and S600 will be available from June 2014.  

PRIME i-1000 ; It is a very special Battery Condition Identifier for all kind of 6V~48V lead-acid batteries.  It supports the battery identification up to 300Ah, and the battery regeneration and charge up to 1,000Ah.  For 12V battery, it is composed of 2 volts x 6 cells.   It is hard to know about shorted circuit /cell cut/cell corrosion state and any damaged cells prior to a restoration process.  In this reason, the other competitors must check on these damaged cases after regeneration process only.  So, we have developed on ‘i-1000’(Regeneration/Charge Capacity : DC6V~48V, Up to 300Ah identification).  It can find the short of electrodes and damaged cells within few minutes before restoration procedure.  It also have multi-functions of digital Regenerator & Charger(1KW)+digital Discharger(804Watts)+ Expert Mode for manual free settings of Voltage, Current & Time.  Auto battery identification function (whether to be restored or not - by ‘IDENTIFICATION’ mode). By using it, most batteries will be assorted for targeting ones to be regenerated with our new RPTi-1000  as well as we can be restored for even a lower voltage measured batteries by i-1000 if they do not have any cell cut or short and internal cell's damage(corrosion). i-1000 has a full automated function to regenerate by setting of Voltage and Total capacity and Battery type.  

i-1000is not an analyzer, but a battery condition identifier for 6V~48Vbatteries.   At ‘IDENTIFICATION’ mode, it can identify the battery conditions within a few minutes. You can see it as Cell-cut, Cell-short or Corrosion on the screen with a beep sound.  If the battery is identified as a good battery to be regenerated, then you can see "O.K-Identified" on the screen with a beep sound as well.  With RPTi-1000, you can regenerate all kinds of lead-acid batteries including 6V~48V VRLA AGM & GEL, Car, Deep Cycle, Solar and so on.  The battery identification will be supported up to 300Ah capacity, and the other functions would be supported up to 1,000 Ah capacity by the maximum output currents of 6~24V : 30A, 36V : 25A and 48V : 20A.   The discharger supports up to 840 watts.

i-1000 :  (5-in-1)  

 1.  Battery Condition Identifier at ‘IDENTIFICATION’ mode FOR 6V~48V, up to 300Ah
 2.  Battery Regenerator at ‘REGENERATION’ mode FOR 6V~48V, up to 1,000Ah
 3.  Battery Charger at ‘CHARGE’ mode FOR 6V~48V, up to 1,000Ah
 4.  Battery Discharger (840 Watts) at ‘DISCHARGE’ mode
 5.  Expert Mode (6V~48V free setting mode of Voltage, Current & Time for special & sleeping batteries)
        * Mainly used for all kin d of batteries, but mostly applied up to 300Ah of 48V battery. 
        * Maximum Output Current : 6V~24V = 30A,  36V = 25A  and  48V = 20A  
        * A serial connection up to 12V x 4 batteries at the same time. (‘REGENERATION’ and ‘CHARGE’

E300: It is a Regenerator ; DC6~48V up to 1,000A, 4 batteries in serial connection at the same time. Discharger and Identification modes are excluded.  (REGENERATION, CHARGE & EXPERT MODES as 3-in-1)

C200 :  6~12V Regenerator Mode(Max. 15A), Expert Manual Setting Mode (Charge), Discharge Mode(Max. 30A) and CCA(For Car battery) & Internal Resistance Checking (5-in-1).   For 6~12V Batteries, the regeneration performance will be much superior to any other products.  You can sell C200 to all of Car repair shops and all Battery wholesale and retail shops as a battery physician.  Next time, you would suggest to your customers be allowed to use it for one~two weeks for free, and if your customers acknowledge that its quality is good …  Let them make a payment !   We are very sure that most customers will buy..  especially, battery sellers. I believe that this item will be what your customers are looking for.

PRIME regeneration methods are not adding any sulfuric-acid and chemicals in any cell at all.

Warranty : A one year limited free warranty would be supported.   If you have any trouble with PRIME products, we will send instruction manuals with pictures for disassemble & assemble guide case by case.   

After Service Commitment : If you have any defective matter with PRIME products,  you should inform us of its symptom with pictures or video earlier to return.  If we determine that it should be repaired or replaced, then you should disassemble a board to be dispatched via an express mail service.   Or, we will send some parts via DHL for replacement by your technician.  The free warranty will be covered for all defective matters without any defects by misuse. 

We have several customers in 40 countries for ZEUS products and they are very satisfied with the restoration performance and our after sales service.

All of our products are very easy to operate like an electric cooker.  Every process will be done with a full automation.  In this reason, you do not need to have any training for PRIME machines.  But, you should have some knowledge of battery maintenance.   Every business should be done by a distributor itself with our given marketing & technical files.   After testing our products for a couple of months, then your operator will know almost everything how to do it.  After then, you should have the introduction to the Defense Services, Telecom companies, Electric Power companies, Solar & Wind Power companies, Forklift companies, Government Offices and so on. 


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