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Bioresonance tester Sensitiv Imago 530



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Sensitiv Imago

Product Description

Medical - Diagnostic Systems "Sensitiv Imago "
- for full check-up and treatment of the human body .


Thank you for your interest to our equipment Sensitiv Imago.


We have software and all information in Russian , English, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic , French , Czech , Creek , German , Turkish , Portugese  languages . 

Our equipment has the highest accuracy of the survey, and the greatest opportunities for diagnosis and treatment of patients. Our device makes full scan of organism, and make treatment of any diseases in organism.


Sensitiv Imago equipment allows:

- to find illnesses and possible complications of them;

- to find weak systems of the body;

- to find, what type of derangements (functional, anatomic) is taking place in the organ;

- to find the reason of the derangement, that exist in some organ or body system;

- to find reasons of toxic and exegetical-informational burden on the patient's body;

- to find allergens;

- to find the microorganisms, that can be the reason of pathological states.


The Sensitiv Imago equipment can:


- with a help of equipment You will have the opportunity to test medicines or other substances (except metals and magnets) for each patient if they are not in the database of the program as a sample.

- using the database of device you can find out the extra healthful products, and products that should be avoid from diet due to the blood type for each patient individually.

- Sensitiv Imago has an ability to provide frequency compensation, or as it is also called, bioresonance therapy (it's an influence with signals, that have some specific frequency and have health effect) and create "information" remedies - spectronosodes (by effecting with specific frequencies on substances, that will then be taken by person). Both of them can be inverted - against pathogens, as well as direct - frequencies of healthy organs sent back into body.

- as well, you can make a selection of correct diet, provide weight selection programs, select health care preparations.

With a help of Sensitiv Imago software we can provide the comparison analysing between patient's body (or organ, or organ's system) before and after frequency compensation.


We have the next models of equipment:


Sensitiv Imago 70

Sensitiv Imago 115

Sensitiv Imago 100 CE

Sensitiv Imago 130

Sensitiv Imago 515

Sensitiv Imago 500 CE

Sensitiv Imago 530


Models Sensitiv Imago 70, 115 and 515 have Ukrainian and Russian certification.


Models Sensitiv Imago 100 CE and 500 CE have old European CE certification as the electronic measuring devices that can be used in medicine, Class 1A.


Models Sensitiv Imago 130 and 530 have latest medical European Union certification as medical device, Class 2A.

The models are developed to suite certification requirements, that's why different components are used in different models.


But in abilities, functions and results reliability, models of 500 series - 515, 500 CE and 530 - are all the same.

As well models of 100 series - 115, 100 CE, 130 - are same in their abilities and functions.

Warranty on these Sensitiv Imago 70, 115, 515 device models is 1 year, and for Sensitiv Imago 100CE, 130, 500CE, 530 device models - 2 years.


Our Services

There are additional advantages to cooperate with our company:

1) Possibility to get free on-line presentation of possibilities of device

2) Possibility to get high-quality on-line-training, as well as to fix any problem with device via Internet on-line. We have full detailed instructions how to prepare for such on-line connection.

3) Free and often updates of software.

4) After 5 days personal training free support and consultations during all time of use of our devices.

5) We have special function in our software to stop dependence from smoking. Successful effect 80% already after first session.



We have very successful cases in cooperation in more that 52 countries around the world, for your request we can connect you with our most successful dealers from USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, China, Europe, etc.


We'll be glad to answer any other questions you have and show the work of our equipment.


We are also ready to give You a free presentation of the possibilities of our equipments on-line, via Internet. For that we have to arrange with You about possible day and time for 2-hours presentation.




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