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Blast Chillers

The main types of chilling - freezing, via time and/or probe detection mode: soft +37.4°F /+3°C, hard 37.4°F /+3°C and soft -0.4°F/-18°C, hard -0.4°F/-18°C, fully customizable.

  • The I.F.R. (Intelligent Food Recognition) patented system with multipoint probe, modulates ventilation and refrigeration in smart mode to adapt to any type of food. Extreme quality.
  • Smart on, just insert the product and, after a few seconds, chilling, soft +37.4°F /+3°C, starts by itself, without having to activate from the control panel, keeping food safe with or without a probe. Never seen before !
  • Multy, for the loading of 5 to 20 timers, with the option of probe-reading to follow the rhythms of the kitchen, assigning each food its own time! 
  • Automatic , with selection of the load - minimum, medium, maximum -, created by master Chefs for any type of food (fish, meat, pasta, cakes, ice cream ...) via time and/or detection probe mode.
Combi Ovens
  • It comes with three functions: convection, steam and combination cooking. In the convection mode, the oven circulates dry heat - ideal for pastries and breads. The steam mode injects water into the oven to poach fish, rice and vegetables. 
  • Combi oven is the combination mode which uses both dry heat and steam to maintain exact humidity levels, thus giving you more control of the moisture levels in food. These levels are adjustable from 0% to 100% of possible maximum relative humidity.
  • Benefit of a combi oven is it  controls the humidity inside its chamber, maintaining exactly the desired atmosphere, reducing shrinkage and weight loss while also improving cook times and results.
  • It reduces Shrinkage
  • It saves Time and Labor
  • Eliminate Flavor Transfer (when multiple food items are cooked at the same time)
  • Delivers Consistent Cooking Results
  • Create New Dishes
  • Become Energy Efficient


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