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cake packaging machine



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masaeli machine is a manufacturer of pillow packaging machine





-4seperate temperature control


-controling and adjusting of machine is just by touch screen


-machine opration is on metric standard


-adjusting of selefon is on metric standard


-packaging with gluey selefone


-strong plc program


-adjusting of selefone length is desired for any packing 10-60 without mechanic changing.


-installing selefone until 50cm width


-roll diagnol:35cm


-necessary flexibility for packing of any products.


-it has 6 memory for saving all parameters.


-it has infallible control system property and diognosticcode for each electronics and mechanics problems


-easy opration(user friendly)


-minimum products and selefone waste


-body color:electrostatic


-body frames:stainless steel


-dimention of machine with cover:400*75*170cm


-weight of machine:950kg


- voltage:220v


-optimized for power consumption


-propultion:3 electrical and3transmission


-it has powerful plc


-speed of machine is 40-60 closed in minutes.

this machine is suitable for packaging cake,pancake,pastries,doughnuts,crisp bread,speciality bread,waffle,apple pie,pie,biscuit,soap,ice cream,baguette,aviation,pad,switch and etc







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