Almacenes El Platanero Dominicano

Pabelln F-4 56 MERCADOM Km 22, Autopista Duarte.,Santo Domingo,Other,Dominican Republic

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Coconuts El Platanero

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El Platanero



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The dried coconut meat is known as copra and is the source of coconut oil, which is used in enormous quantities for making fats for baking and confectionery. An important product used in the chocolate and confectionery industry is desiccated coconut. The nut is removed from the hard shell and the thin brown rind pared off. This must be very thorough or the finished coconut will be contaminated by flecks of brown. The pared nuts are then washed free of milk and skin residues and put through shredding machines, which give a milled product of varying degree of fineness. After shredding, the ground meat is subjected to a steam or hot water treatment to destroysalmonellaand lipases and to reduce bacteria counts to low levels. The pasteurized meat is then dried on wire mesh belts by means of hot air, which reduces the moisture content to less than 4%.� The critical moisture level of desiccated coconut is 5% and the product should be well below this to ensure good shelf life.




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Almacenes El Platanero Dominicano

Pabelln F-4 56 MERCADOM Km 22, Autopista Duarte., Santo Domingo, Other, Dominican Republic

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