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Product Description

SME is an enterprise suite of business applications with end to end integration among inventory, production, planning, quality control, finance, Asset and human resources management. This Software is conceived and developed based on business domain intelligence in an effort to provide our clients with real time business solution with greater simplicity and user friendliness. 
Business application helps in managing trade and business flow without any hassles, control and maintenance in terms of enquiries, quotations, orders,  receipts, deliveries returns, etc., Costing methods such as LIFO, FIFO, standard costing and weighted average are some of the outstanding features of this software. This software helps to significantly improve and maintain inventory accuracy, by generating a sophisticated cycle count plan and cycle count frequency.
      Finance is a set of applications that address the budgeting needs, accounting and cost management of your enterprise. It has five modules - General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Asset Management and Management Accounting. This application offers the ease of use to maintain the financial books of your enterprise. The user has the flexibility to define, reconcile, and close financial periods according to convenience improving visibility and better financial control. A wide spectrum of built in and customized MIS reports keeps you posted. Suspense account back tracking and fool proof check on the advances keeps your payments under control. Multi currency definitions and conversions between the currencies are handled with greater simplicity.
   Human Resources module of SME is a generic business rule based process driven system that adapts to your changing business trends and equips to stay ahead with better HR policies for better employee retention. It offers a complete hire - to - retire solutions for better HR practices. This software provides a sophisticated GUI based executive information system to visualize HR related data and enables you to consolidate employee information even in widely distributed organizations.
The important features of SME are:
·        Multi currency system.
·        Multi warehouses / Locations
·        Multi location inventory data
·        Multi unit Measurements
·        Multi-level customer based pricing
·        Multi-level vendor based pricing
·        Multi-Role Users
·        Barcode based Items scanning
·        Barcode based Employee attendance
·        Classifications of materials
·        Colour and Size Management
·        Bill of Material
·        LC Based Trading (Purchase & Sale)
·        Versatile stock transfer between different warehouses
·        Automatic, Manual and User-defined Voucher numbering
·        Financial Year Management
·        Customised Financial Account Heads
·        Banks Management
·        PDC Management
·        LC Management
·        Back dating of transactions
·        Customized cheques formats
·        Credit Note & Debit Note
·        Credit Card Payment System With Automatic Bank Charges Calculations & Deductions
·        POS
·        Counters Wise Employee Shift management
·        Counter Wise Employee Sales calculation
·        Vouchers Based Discount calculation
·        Invoice Holding provision
·        Cash & Credit Card based Receipts compilation
·        Assets Purchase & Dispose Off
·        Automated Asset Depreciation calculation & posting according different methods.
·        Asset depreciation Schedule
·        Asset services to calculate maintenance & installation cost
·        Leave Management
·        Annual Leave Management according to different domain rules.
·        Employee Attendance
·        Customized salary allowances and deduction calculations
·        Automated Over Time Calculations
·        Employee Loan & Advance Management
·        Production
·        Product costing
·        Job costing
·        Work-in Process
  • Ensures high level Role based security thro the password system with four levels of access.
·        Multi-user network entry.
·        Multiple database support (MS SQL Server, MS Access, Oracle)
·        Automated reminders for Issued & received PDC to calculate expected payments & receipts in specified period.
·        Automated reminders about different documents validity like Employee Visa & Passport.
·        Automated reminders for Items Re Orders.
·        Web user interface to view reports through internet.
·        Over 200+ Pre-defined reports
·        Estimation of Cost and Project accounting
·        Bank Reconciliation
·        Data integration from punched card reader
·        Project Costing with Project wise and Stages wise approach
·        Automated Project Approvals Updates
·        Daily Site Report
·        Material Requests from Sites
1. Major Modules
  • Functions of Business Application
  • Functions of Finance Application
  • Functions of POS Application
  • Functions of Asset Application
  • Functions of Inventory Application
  • Functions of Human Resource Application
  • Functions of Payroll Application
  • Functions of Production Application
  • Services and Consultancy Application
  • Security
  • Reports
Multi Currency
SMEmakes possible to execute all business transactions in any currency and to view reports as well. Company will have one base currency in which are financial reports are to be compiled and display. This currency has to be configured while creating profile of company in system. If transactions are needed to be execute in other than company base currency then SME has a versatile and comprehensive module to draft currency exchange rates in system and these rates will be available automatically in transaction but even in editable state.  User can enter any Trading, Finance or POS transaction in system using any currency with provision of exchange rate to a company main currency.
Multi Unit Conversion
The system provides the flexibility of conversion of Unit of measurement. Multiple units can be mentioned for an item in system. While defining item in system, user can configured one base unit of item in which mostly that item is measured for inventory and he can also mention n numbers of other units which can be used in business transactions. Now this item can be used in any business transaction in any unit.
Letter Of Credit
LCbased trading is important feature of SME. SMEdo not treat LC just as Reference No in trading transaction but it has a comprehensive and professional approach oriented module to execute LC based trading transactions. Like real time scenario,user can open one LKC in system and use that LC to generate purchase order and once this transaction is completed then LC can be closed to have accounts entries in accounting books. All business rules are being followed in system like Purchases up to LC limit etc.
Asset Management
SMEalso manages assets as they are needed to be according to accounting standards. SMEconsiders an asset more than one Ledger and it gives a complete module to user to define all assets as Live entities of business and to calculate depreciation in automated fashion. Once user defines one Asset in system then SME can generate one depreciation schedule for that asset and asset state report according to its book value. Asset maintenance is another very important feature of SME which is used to keep history of maintenance costs of an assets in tangible (Equipments & Devices) and non tangible (Labor or services) forms.
Post Dated Cheques (PDC)
SMEhas complete module to use PDC in business transactions. As PDC can be received from an external entities of business like customers and it can be issued to External entities like Vendors so SMEgives both options to user to issue or receive PDC in system. User can issue and receive cheque in system and it will be a live element of business to track its status in future whether is was honored or dishonored. SME can issue or receive two types of cheques i.e. Fresh cheques (First Time) and Cheques against Previous bounced cheques. SME can generate history report of a customer about all cheques received from him/her.
Cheque Printing Engine
User can define cheque format of a bank while defining bank in system. In future when a cheque is issued from a bank account then SMEautomatically prints that cheque according to  that format. In case of change in cheque format by bank, user can reconfigure cheque printing settings of that bank to print cheques according to new format.
SMEacts as Reminding Agent providing reminders about different business objects and business processes. System can remind user in three types of situations i.e.
  • Expiry
  • Liability
  • Recovery
SMEcan remind user about expiry or validity of a business element like Visa and Labor Card expiry of an employee. It can also give reminder to user about liability like payment of PDC.SME can also remind user for recovery of an asset like Payment Collection against PDC from a customer. SME keeps these reminders flexible by giving choice to user to configure them according to requirements. If users do not want any automatic reminder then he can configure these reminders settings in system to block their automated publishing but still these reminders will be available to user with manual accessibility.
Data import and export
This package is one of the most open-ended packages today. It allows export   of data to other environments and also import of information. Add this package and  build future requirements around this package.
Multi-Site Communications     
It is used by companies with multiple branches or locations, allowing for             systematic updating of databases. Each branch can automatically send and receive data.
Web Interface for Reports
SMEhas one web interface to view reports using internet. Users can view, export and print reports using that interface from anywhere through internet.
E- Business
E-Business is an Internet based Business-to-Business desktop solution that enables companies to centrally manage all their Order processes using a single platform.  Customer can order through the web and auto confirmation of order is sent to the customer by e-mail.  Customer can view the order status right from the desktop.  The order details and dispatch details are updated on the web.
Integration with external application and devices
SMEdesign and architecture is enough flexible and customizable to be integrated with any type of external application or device/equipment through its API. It can be integrated with any other application to access its database or share some features unite functionality and outputs. SME can also provide access to its database to other applications through its own interface to compile reports or to share data. Hardware level integration is also possible in SME. It can be connected with any device/equipment/plant like production plants to develop real-time system.SME can gather data from devices and equipments for further processing or generating reports.
 o1.1 Item Creation
The various items maintained in the business transactions are classified into different categories.  Further, the items can be categorized into Raw Material, Finished and Service type. Multiple Colors and sizes can be mapped with one item and system can generate purchase, sales & inventory reports on item, Color & size bases separately. To make safe user from operating overheads color and size are optional in SME and these will be available in transactions only if user select those for item. As mentioned above that system supports Multi-Unit transactions so multiple units can be defined for one item. SMEhas provision to use Item in any transaction in any unit. While defining item in system, purchase and sale account is also mentioned to record accounts affects in finance module of all items relevant transactions.
1.2 Customers & Vendors
SME has option to create vendor and customer masters with some mandatory and optional parameters. Vendors and Customers can be categorized in system to have isolated view of general and analysis reports.  These vendors and customers are also mapped with their financial accounts so that all their transactions will have automatic accounts entry in accounting books to maintain their ledgers and to compile Accounts Payable and Receivables reports. SME also makes possible to maintain Customer and Vendor wise Item pricing and these prices are automatically available in all Customers and Vendors relevant transactions but still that price is in editable state. Customer & Vendor wise pricing is a valuable analytical equipment to maintain item wise price log of each Vendor and Customer for price comparisons.
1.3 PurchaseRequisition
The items requested by various departments are raised against requisition for purchasing the items.  The requisition is forwarded to the purchase department to raise RFQ or purchase order after approval.  The finished goods requisition is raised by the marketing department and passed to the Planning and production control department.  The raw material requisition is raised from the production department for the purchase of raw materials.                       
1.4 RFQ
RFQ is raised to the Supplier for getting price quotation.  The RFQ is based on the customer Enquiry for trading and requisition for internal purchase.  The RFQ can also be raised directly.  The item information can be retrieved automatically from enquiry or requisition.
1.5 Purchase Quotation
The Purchase quotation is entered while getting the actual quote from the vendor for the RFQ or direct.  The purchase quotation has a quotation no. for reference and the item details with quantities, price, and discount and currency information. The supplier quotation is made directly or based on enquiry or requisition. SMEhas option to save soft copy of original quote in system received from vendor to keep history. Purchase departments can receive multiple quotations from vendors against one RFQ and save them in SME.
1.6Purchase Order
The Purchase Orders are raised to the vendors for purchase of materials.  The vendor Purchase Order can be raised based on RFQ, by purchase requisition. Purchase order can be raised even directly without providing RFQ or purchase requisition no if user does not need to track purchases against a particular purchase requisition. The Vendor Purchase Order has billing and shipping details, terms of payment, delivery schedules and tax information.  The purchase order can be cancelled, closed or revised fully or partially. Once Vendor Purchase Order is raised so it will effect only in accounts and it will have no effect on inventory.
1.7Purchase (Cash)                                        
Cash purchase is also possible in SME. While entering Purchase, user has to mention account name from which payment is made to Vendor. Cash Purchase can be referenced with Purchase Requisition by giving Requisition no.  The Cash Purchase has billing and shipping details, delivery schedules and tax information. Like Vendor Purchase Order Cash Purchase also just effects accounts.
1.8 Item Receipt
Item Receipt (GRN) is prepared for the receipt of materials against Purchase Order or Cash Purchase from the vendor. Items can be received from Vendor against one Purchase Order or Cash Purchase Partially by raising multiple item receipts notes (GRN) against one purchase order or Cash Purchase. While generating this transaction, Store & Store location can be mention if inventory has to be manage store wise but Store and Store Location are optional. GRN will affect inventory and it will have no effect in accounts.
1.9 Vendor Payments
Vendor Payment transaction is entered to pay bills, advance to Vendor and to get refunded money in case of Purchase Return. SME has provision make payments in three most common ways i.e. Cash, Credit Card and Cheque. Payments can be made in any currency and if currency is different from company currency then exchange rate is to be mention.
1.10 Purchase Return
Purchase Return records the material returned to the vendor in case of rejections due to poor quality control or excess supplies. SME makes possible to return items partially against one Purchase Order or Cash Purchase by generating multiple Purchase Returns transactions. Items Return can be referenced with Purchase Order and Cash Purchase using their respective system generated unique numbers.
Just like Purchase Order or Cash Purchase this transactions effect reflects only in accounting books.

1.11 Item Return
Item Return note is prepared return items physically to Vendor due to quality checks and any other reasons. Items can be returned to Vendor against one Purchase Return partially by raising multiple item return notes against one Purchase Return. While generating this transaction, Store & Store location can be mention if inventory has to be manage store wise but Store and Store Location are optional. Items Return Note will affect inventory and it will have no effect in accounts.
1.12 Sales Quotation
The Sales quotation is made to send the quote to the customers for their enquiries. The customer quote can also be raised without enquiry. The Sales quotation has quotation no. and the item details with quantities, rate, discount, currency, billing and delivery information. 
1.13 Sales Invoice (Cash/Credit)

The generation of Sales Invoice is based on the Sales quotation or direct from the customer and the product specification. Through this we can specify the complete order details which include billing address, delivery Instructions, Terms of payments, Taxes & Duties, currency, delivery date and other statutory forms requirements. Sales Invoice can be Cash or Credit. SME has two separate forms to enter Cash and Credit Sales. In Case of Cash Sales user has to mention an account in which receipts from customer have to be debited. SME makes possible to mention Sales Person while raising Sales Invoice if Company has policy to check Sales Men Wise Sales to entitle them commission on sales bases but its also optional parameter to make SME flexible to fulfill maximum domains business rules. The sales invoice can be cancelled or closed partially or completely. Purchase Planning is generated based on the Customer Order and the raw material requirements.  Based on the purchase plan, purchase department plans its purchase schedule.
1.14 Item Delivery Note

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