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THE ROLE OF EMOTION IN THE CREATION OF ART - CD-ROM Second edition (2007) Duration: Approximately 45 minutes. Review: "I have listened to this recording several times and have found it to be quite hypnotic and mesmerizing. It is very well done and its message is clear and to the point. Lennox Campello �American art critic Kathleen Notman delivers this speech with passion. Little wonder, therefore, this recording is described as inspirational, mesmerizing � indeed, testimony to the message it conveys. She researched the lives and work of many truly great artists (writers, painters, musicians �) endeavouring to discover why they excelled while others with similar technical skills fell by the wayside. Her findings are empirical. She has listened to what many scientists have discovered about emotion. Art and science have reached a similar conclusion: Emotion has a profound influence on creativity. The chemicals of emotion are released from the brain and travel throughout the oneness of the mind/body. This recording is an invaluable tool for anyone who is creative whether in the arts or in other fields. Notman�s voice is non-Regional British. She is an ESOL teacher (English for Speakers of Other Languages). THE ROLE OF EMOTION IN THE CREATION OF ART is helpful for students who have been learning English for some time (NOT beginners) to help with pronunciation and enunciation of words. A transcript of the speech is available. Students are able to read the text while listening to the recording.




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