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Product Specification


Pressure Reducing

High Pressure


Stainless Steel

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Product Description

The proposed gas fittings (stainless steel) high pressure:

Valve t100 (DN=4, P=400), t102 (DN=4, P=1000), t106 (DN=6, P=400), t114 (Du=10, P=400) t122 (DN=20,P=400), t124 (DN=32, P=400), t126, t130, t134 (DN=50, P=400), t136, t140, t144, t146, t150, t154 (Du=80, P=200-400), t158, t160, t164, t168 (Du=100, P=200 To 400), t174, t180, t184 (300, P=12)

shutoff Valve T210, T212, T216 (Du=10, P=200-400), T220, T222 (DN=20, P=200-400), T224, T226, T228, T230, T232 (DN=32, P=200-400), T236, T242 (DN=50, P=200-400), T246, T248, T250, T252, T254 (Du=80,P=200-400), T260, T262, T264, T266, T268 (Du=100, P=200 to 400), T274, T282, T286 (DN=300, P=12)

non-return Valve T300 (DN=4, P=200-400), T302, T306 (DN=6, P=200-400), T308, T314 (Du=10, P=200-400), T316, T318, T322 (DN=20, P=200-400), T325, T326, T330 (DN=32, P=200-400), T335, T336, T340 (DN=50,P=200-400), T346, T350 (Du=80, P=25-200), T360, T364 (Du=100, P=25-200)

Valve T408, T410, T413, T416 (Du=10, P=100-400), T422 (DN=20, P=200-400), T423, T424, T426, T430 (DN=32, P=200-400), T432 (DN=50, P=200-400), T436, T460 (Du=100, P=2-12) Filters: T513, T514 (Du=10,P=400), T520, T522 (DN=20, P=400), T524 (DN=32, P=400), T525, T526, T530, T532, T533, T534, T535, T536, T540 (DN=50, P=200-400), T544 (Du=80, P=400), T546, T550, T554, T558 (Du=100, P=200 to 400), T560, T562, T565, T574, T580, T584 (DN=300, P=25)

The pressure reducer T600 (DN=4, P=400), T608, T610, T614 (Du=10, P=400), T616, T618, T620, T622 (DN=20, P=400), T626, T630 (DN=32, P=400), T636, T640 (DN=50, P=400) electro-pneumatic valve T700 (DN=4, P=50-400), T702, T704, T708, T710, T713, T714 (Du=10, P=50-400), T718, T722 (DN=20, P=50-400), T726, T730 (DN=32, P=50-400), T736, T740 (DN=50, P=100-400)

Also the valve AV, AR reducer, valve AP, AF filter, electro-pneumatic valve AE

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