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High power mosquito killing machine with carbon dioxide


GRAD Black G1

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Ideal for use with KRN-5000 and GRAD Black G1 mosquito killing systems. Can also be used with other mosquito systems, such as Mosquito MV-01, ElectroTrap V-16, Garden M etc.

Research shows that the use of Octenol attractant increases mosquito killing system effectiveness up to 3-4 times. Besides, you expand the mosquito killing system's affected area by two times. This attractant was specifically designed for use with KRN-5000 and GRAD Black G1 mosquito killing systems which utilize carbon dioxide gas and heat with Octenol scent to attract mosquitoes and midges.

Humans and animals cannot feel the smell of Octenol, it is non toxic and non allergic.

Octenol's composition is carefully selected to attract only blood-sucking insects. Beneficial insects such as butterflies, moths and bees do not have an attraction to it. Only natural ingredients of organic nature are used in the manufacturing of Octenol. 

One bottle of Octenol attractant lasts over 45 days. And during all this time you can have an enjoyable time outdoors without annoying mosquitoes and midges!


Octenol attractant is an ecologically safe and clean lure designed for use with different insect killing systems. Its operating principle is based on attracting blood-sucking insects with a smell similar to human skin and hair, or warm-blooded animals' fur. Only natural organic ingredients are used as its components, they are based on products of vital activity of cattle and plants. The substance is non toxic and non allergic, it attracts ONLY blood-sucking insects (it receives no reaction on the part of butterflies, moths and bees).


Mosquito killing systems attract insects with ultraviolet light and carbon dioxide and heat emission. A series of research showed that some of the mosquitoes attracted to the device realize that there is nothing edible for them and do not approach the actual trap. For a long time engineers struggled on the task of increasing machines' effectiveness on mosquitoes that are in the close proximity of the device. As a result Octenol was invented as a blood-sucking insect specific substance. 


- It increases mosquito killing machine's effectiveness by 3-4 times.

- It expands the impact area of mosquito killing systems by 2 times

- It is safe for humans, animals and beneficial insects.





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