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High Productivity pre-stressed concrete spun pole machine for Kenyan



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Product Description

HAIYU Overview
HAIYU:A Leading Manufacturer of Concrete Product Equipments
We can design, produce, install, and service concrete pipe making/electrical pole production line suited to your application. As a true cement products equipment supplier, we provide application reviews, testing, installation, and we stand by our product with a strong commitment to customer service. Each year our production floor produces over 50 sets of concrete pole production lines for the customers all over the world.
             sales worldwide
                       service and repair centers nationwide
                     experience in a wide variety of industries
                             capacities up to 3000 tons.


                1.Overview of concrete pole spinning machine:
   Concrete pole machine comprises base,supporting wheel,bearing base,controll cabinet and driving shaft,it is the crutial device for manufacturing and precasting concrete poles.Our concrete spun pole centrifugal machine is fabricated with wholly shaft connection,preventing the prestress intensification caused by the change of shaft diameter,and causing shaft breaking;the flange of the bearings can be disassembled,so it would be more convenient to repair and maintain.

                  2.Introduction of concrete pole mould :
   Concrete pole mould is semi-circular double-segment structure,classified cylinder mould and conical mould two catagories,specification:conical mould:diameter Φ100-Φ470mm,length 6-15m,taper1:75;cylinder mould:diameter Φ200-Φ400mm,length over 6-15m;steel mould can be applied to both prestressed and reinforced concrete poles producing.

                   other related equipment :     
3.Frequency Variable Control Cabint And Motor
Best Quality Motor(Six-Pole Motor)
Motor Power:45Kw
variable frequency cabinet: 55KW 
Power Requirement: AC380v, 50hz
include contactor,circuit breaker, time relay, speed control table, intermediate relay.
4.Steel Bar Tensioning Machine
Include tension trolley and tensiong jack
Tensile Force: 973KN
Rated Oil Pressure:51MP
Return Oil Pressure<25MP
Tension Stroke:200mm
Diameter of Inner Hole:7,8
Dimension of Main Machine: 216*356

5.Pre-stressed steel bar straightening and cutting machine
Very import machine with high precision with most of parts of fully hydraulic. Its high steel bar cutting precision is very critical  for pre-stressed concrete pole strength guarantee.

6.Steel Bar Tensioning Machine
Tensile Force:1000KN
Rated Oil Pressure:51MP
Return Oil Pressure<25MP
Tension Stroke:200mm
Diameter of Inner Hole:7,8
Dimension of Main Machine: 216*356

Working Principle:
1. Adding the slurry into the mould, it is driven quickly and rotated in the same speed of the machine. Each component is separated and released under the centrifugal force. Usually the higher the slurry rotate speed, the better the slurry separating effect.
2. Centrifugal sedimentation is the use of different density of each component in the slurry, which is rotated under the centrifugal force. To realize the liquid - solid (or liquid - liquid) separation.
3. The speed of separation is slow when the viscosity of slurry is high.
4. It is good for centrifugal sedimentation when the slurry density is different in each component.

         !!!!Our services:
1.Complete production line supporting machines and all necessary accessories with high performance and good quality;
2. Free Service of plant structure design and layout plan drawings and other necessary construction drawings and guidance of construction work,office, warehouse etc and related drawings according to customers requirements.
3.Installation and commissioning of all production machines as well as the workers training.

We will make every effort to provide different satisfactory solutions for prestressed concrete pole project according to different requirements of our clients all over the world!


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