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Industrial sensors


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Insustrial Sensors

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Capacitive Sensors:
           Capacitive proximity switches with either sensing distance 16 mm flush mounted in metal or sensing distance 25 mm Non-flush mounted. 4-wire DC output with both make (NO) and break (NC) switching. Grey M30 polyester housing with 2 m PVC cable or plug. Ideal for use in level and plastic machinery applications.


• FeaturingTRIPLESHIELD™Sensor protection

• Rated operational voltage: 10-40 VDC

• Adjustable sensing distance 2-16 mm or 4-25 mm

• Output: DC 200 mA, NPN or PNP

• Make and break switching function

• LED indication

• High noise immunity

• Flush and non-flush types

• Plug and Cable versions available

• AC versions in the same housing


              A family of inductive proximity switches in industrial standard nickel-plated brass housings. They are able to handle applications where high sensing range is requested. Output is open collector NPN or PNP transistors.


• Sensing distance: 4 to 8 mm

• Flush and non-flush types

• Short and long body versions

• Rated operational voltage (Ub): 10 - 36 VDC

• Output: DC 200 mA, NPN or PNP

• Normally open, Normally closed

• LED indication for output ON

• Protection: reverse polarity, short circuit, transients

• Cable and M12 plug versions

• According to IEC 60947-5-2

Conductive Level Sensors:

Thise Conductive Level Sensors (CLD4) μ-Processor based level controller for liquids with a wide sensitivity range (like sewage water, chemicals, salt water etc.). The controller has a separate output for alarm indication in case of a tank running dry or if an overflow condition occurs. 8A SPDT/SPST relay output, NO/NC.


• Conductive level controller

• Teach-in of sensitivity – operating resistance from 220Ù to 220KÙ

• Multiple combinations of filling and emptying applications

• Low-voltage AC electrodes

• Easy installation on DIN rails or with 11 pin circular plug

• Rated operational voltage: 24 VAC/DC, 115 VAC or 230 VAC

• Output 2x8A/250 VAC SPDT relay

• LED indication for: Calibration, faulty operation and relay status.

Photoelectric Sensors:

The PA18CSD.. is a family of inexpensive general purpose Diffuse-reflective sensors in Industrial standard 18 mm cylindrical PBTP housing. They are useful for simple applications where a basic sensor provides adequate sensing performance. The sensors are simple to use and no adjustment are necessary

(Except 400 mm diffuse adjustable type). The output is a 4-wire complementary (NO and NC) output in NPN (current sinking) or PNP (current souring).


• Range: 400 mm adjustable 100, 200 or 400 mm fixed

• Modulated, infrared light

• Supply voltage: 10 to 40 VDC

• Output: 200 mA NPN or PNP

• Make and break switching function, LED indication

• Protection: Reverse polarity, short-circuit, transients

• High immunity to ambient light

• Cable and plug versions.

Ultrasonic Sensors:

A family of multi function diffuses ultrasonic sensors with a sensing range of 60 to 3500 mm. The analog output is easily set up in 2 set points (pos./neg. slope) and adjusted by teach-in - makes it ideal for level control tasks in a wide variety of vessels. A sturdy one-piece PBT housing provides the perfect packaging for the sophisticated microprocessor controlled and digitally filtered sensor electronics. Excellent EMC performance and precision are typical features of this sensor based on true distance measurement.


• M18 and M30 PBT housing

• Sensing distance: 60 - 3500 mm

• Remote Teach by wire

• Outputs: Analog 0-10 V or 4-20 mA

• Setup of positive or negative slope

• Power supply: 15 to 30 VDC

• 8° beam angle

• Protection: Short-circuit, reverse polarity, transients

• Protection degree IP 67

• M12 plug, 5 pin.




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