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RCMTM is a supplier platform focused on providing thorough solutions for the full life cycle of personalized customization of men’s suits. RCMTM has undergone a dozen years of development since it was founded by Red Collar Group with hundreds of millions of Yuan. With the strong support of global multi-lingual digital service system, RCMTM has integrated exquisite suits customization techniques and advanced modern information technology, and has developed into the world’s only large-scale supplier platform for customization of men’s suits.

Independently developed and designed by an experienced team of customization experts, RCMTM solves hundreds of technical bottlenecks. After a long time of management practice and repeated operation, RCMTM is finally launched as a professional, multi-lingual and globally oriented supplier platform for customization of suits. The customization service system which is built by RCMTM based on a dozen years of experience has complete and powerful backstage support, and its one-stop service system completely relieves the front-stage operators from worries about the procedures. Except seeking for needs, data collecting and sending the data to the company’s data center through internet, other things are all done by the platform with high quality and high efficiency, which liberates the operators from worry.

RCMTM provides authentic made-to-measure service for the consumers. With the personalized customization plant at its core, RCMTM has three world’s largest production workshops to produce suit jackets, shirts and suit pants, which provide it the strongest productive forces in customization industry. RCMTM’s personalized customization and processing plant has almost one hundred practical production equipments which have been patented nationally. Its whole customization process is completely governed by the only remote clothing customization system in the world. In addition, RCMTM also has the world’s most comprehensive and largest pattern database. Each pattern is a unique brand code exclusive to only one person. With honest operation, powerful backstage support and first-class service system, RCMTM provides each brand customer strong guarantee for its credibility.

Keeping up with the development of the internet age, RCMTM is the first to adopt F2B2C customization marketing mode in the clothing industry. The market-centered e-commerce platform which has marketing at its core is the main support for the high-efficiency operation of RCMTM. The three-dimensional design effect demonstration can enable the customers to intuitively experience every detail; the 15 days of customization cycle and instant query about the fabrics in stock can greatly save the time costs of customers; the measuring data can be timely transmitted to the pattern database for automatic matching, which makes the whole customization process highly efficient and impeccable. In addition to the powerful technical support of internet, RCMTM has also accumulated rich experience and cultural deposits, helping more and more entrepreneurs realize value-creation in the customization industry. RCMTM spares no efforts in saving costs for the brand customers and reducing their investment risks to help them make more profits.

As to the production of the custom-made products, RCMTM integrates the resources concerning the world’s most famous fabrics and accessories manufacturers and excellent designers. Supported by the various enterprise-level application resources which have taken over ten years to be established, including the automatic pattern matching system, the customization marketing system, the customer service system, the FID production management system, and ERP purchasing-selling-storing management system, every custom-made RCMTM product will relieve the customers from worry about quality and make them feel assured. The 46-hour measuring skills training and the scientific process operation practice enable the customers to easily get familiar with the whole customization process and perform automatic front-stage operation without worry. Once the measuring data provided by the customers is into the database which contains 0.1 billion clothing patterns, the system will automatically search out a unique customization pattern. With the help of the high-tech digital internet service system, RCMTM establishes a high-efficiency and powerful chain of business.

With the coming of the customization ear in the 21st century, as the world’s only operation support platform for customization of men’s suits, RCMTM has been focusing on high-end customization culture. Committed to its mission in the global economic market, RCMTM has a professional understanding of the broad prospects and infinite charm of the customization industry in a new era. With made to measure service at its core, RCMTM is aimed at making customization no longer a luxury. With the support of absolutely abundant data resources and high-end internet technology, RCMTM has built a backstage support system for its customization service. With huge enthusiasm, exquisite craftsmanship and professional attitude, the RCMTM team strives to provide cutting-edge, fashionable pattern designs and the newest and most attractive custom-made products for the brand customers, helping them develop broader market.

By now, RCMTM has become an ultra-large supplier platform which is supported by 10,000 people, serving a dozen of developed countries and regions across North America, Europe, Oceania, and Asia. The custom-made suits of more than 200 brands are manufactured by RCMTM platform. 600,000 custom-made suits and 1 million custom-made shirts are constantly supplied to the terminal of customization channel. The large-scale RCMTM supplier platform for men’s suits customization is aimed to help more clothing traders and entrepreneurs find a new management position and a first-class development platform, and provide the customization practitioners with an only operational channel and abundant resources. With the well-deserved reputation as a real leader of the customization industry, RCMTM has been promoting the global civilization of custom-made clothing with the best cost-performance ratio.

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