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JP54 - Jet A1 - D2 - D6



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1000000 Barrel


FOB Rotterdam

10000000 Barrel per Month

T/T, D/P


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~~We can provide all product as 100% genuine .

~~please read below procedure and if you are agreed with that Contact me !!!!!!


      * Buyer issues Letter of Intent for product
    * Seller responds with SCO-FCO and terms of procedures
    * Buyer responds with ICPO including the terms of procedures from
Seller with BCL

    * Seller bank do bank to bank due diligence on buyers funds legibility
 * This process takes approximately 24 to 36 hours

      * Once funds has been approved and cleared by seller bank; seller
notify buyer and issue SPA (SALES PURCHASE AGREEMENT)
    * Seller and buyer review contract/modify if necessary and finalize by
adding buyer bank coordinates and passport picture
    * Seller complete package with passport picture/provide initial bank
coordinates and pdf final contract version to buyer

    * Seller issues CI (Commercial Invoice) to buyer

      * CI Package includes PARTIAL Proof of Product for initial trial order
with schedule
    * DIP & Test Package this (includes DTA, TSR, Product analysis report
from the refinery lab, refinery commitment to producing the product and
seller corporation number)

      * Buyer fill in the Notice of readiness letter (this includes
information required from buyer for their TANK Number; Tank Receipt; SGS
Company that will conduct the SGS; Mandates representing buyer to do
site visit);
   * Seller send the Notice of readiness package (with buyer completed
form) and schedule meeting for buyer to do the DIP Test
    * Within 12 hours buyer team contact the tank company and submit the
DTA issued by seller for arrangement to conduct the DIP Test on the
    * Buyer team conducts the test and send the test report (SGS) to seller
within 12 hours
    * Upon successful Dip Test buyer release the funds by MT103 to seller

    * Once funds has been released and confirmed by seller bank, seller
issues to buyer the following:

      * Title of Ownership
    * Certificate to be followed by export documentation


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