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20 Metric Ton

30 kg in multilayer paper bag with PE inlet

40 days + shipment

50000 Metric Ton per Year



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Cationic phylactic feed additive for high producing milk cow.

The product contains all necessary macro-, microelements and vitamins for maintenance of animal high productivity. 

It provides productivity growth by 1-2 litres of milk during first two months of application and more than 2 litres during next months of application.

High containing of E vitamin  more than 4000 IU/kg of premixes provides high immunity and herd health in the intense lactation period that make possible to implement genetic potential of animals.  


Containing of H vitamin  (biotin)  provides hoof health and reduction of hoof diseases by 20-30%  in herd, that enables cow to be more active, improve palatability and increase productivity.


Containing of zink-methionine provides udder health and preventive care of mastitis, reduces somatic cells score by 20-50% and enhances productivity. It enables to increase grade of milk quality and animal's productivity.


Containing of selenium-methionine and selenium-cysteine provides antioxidant protect of organism cells, that ensures hepatoprotective effect and reduces development of liver dystrophy and for this result compulsory slaughter of animals.  


Balanceness of А, D, Е vitamins and micro elements adjusted for the latest nutrition norms in the USA (NRC), France (INRA) and the Netherlands (CVBD).


Containing of calcium and phosphor in high digestible form and right proportionprovides high cathode-anion balance of diet without impact on рН of rumen that favor to enhancement of animals' productivity.




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