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Natural Aleppo Shampoo





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Let me first introduce our self as a producer for Aleppo liquid soap and our factory is located in Aleppo.

We are specialized in producing low PH liquid soap, our liquid soap has PH 7, 5 to 8, and this PH is suitable for hair care as shampoo.

We have also shower shampoo and hand liquid soap with PH 9.

Our ingredients are as following:

Olive oil, laurel oil , potassium salt , marine salt , glycerin , water , {Potassium sorbet., sodium benzoate (are food preservative)} .


Laurel Oil:

Laurel oils usefulness was known long time ago. Doctors have effectively used it to fight leprosy, scabies, skin scratching, and inflammation of scalp. It contains several healthy ingredients.
One is Chlorophyll, which heals wounds and genetic sickness like psoriasis and leprosy. Another is Pentoline, which helps the hair to grow by increasing the blood flow that nourishes it. Achilia Bay Shampoo uses only these natural ingredients that are a gift from God to the betterment of our life. Bay shampoo products are:

Laurel Oil Shampoo:

Laurel shampoo is produced for the first time in unique way. It is made up of laurel and olive oil, vegetal extracts, and natural proteins that are beneficial to hair and scalp. It cleans the hair without losing its healthy elements. It helps reduce dandruff. It is available in 4 types at 400 c.c. plastic bottle:

Laurel Shampoo for normal hair.
Laurel Shampoo for dry hair.
Laurel Shampoo for greasy hair.
Laurel Shampoo against dandruff.

Laurel Shampoo Body Wash

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