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Sodium polyacrylate, PAANa for short, with structural formula as [CH2CH(COONa)]n, is a kind of water-soluble resin with molecular weight of several millions. It is colorless or light yellow, solid, alkalescent, ionizable and corrosive. If the PH is approximately 4, it is likely to gelate; PH=2.5, it is likely to dissolve, which mostly occur in the sodium hydroxide solution, but in the calcium hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide solution it is likely to precipitate. It is non-toxic. Molecular formula: [C3H3O2Na] n. Macromolecular sodium polyacrylate is a kind of water precipitating agent and water-soluble macromolecular material developed with the adoption of internationally advanced technology, which can enable the viscosity increase of other aqueous solution or dispersion. Therefore, the two major functions of this product are efficient flocculation and efficient thickening. Efficient flocculation ---- with charge, the macromolecular sodium polyacrylate is capable of neutralizing, adsorbing and bridging the suspended particles in water and enables them to agglomerate together. In this way, this product is well-performed in precipitation, clarification, purification, etc. (Notes: the proper dosage will achieve a proper effect of flocculation. If too much added, it will lead to dispersion.) Efficient thickening ---- on one hand, the macromolecular sodium polyacrylate resorts to its viscosity to increases the viscosity of water phase which has a certain functional relation to the concentration of polymer; on the other hand, it reacts with the dispersed phase and other macromolecular compounds in the water, which makes the polymer thicker. Therefore, as a kind of thickening agent, this product can be widely applied to the occasions in which the viscosity of the aqueous solution or aqueous dispersion system should be increased. Macromolecular sodium polyacrylate is a kind of macromolecular material and important chemical product with entirely new functions, which is characterized by its stability in varying temperature, its fixation of metallic ions and its prevention from the negative effect caused by the metallic ions. As a kind of multi-purposed surfactant, it is soluble in the mediums such as cold water, mild water, glycerin, propylene glycol, etc Application This product can be widely applied to potable water treatment, industrial water supply procedures, the treatment of various industrial waste water and spent liquor, urban living sewage treatment, brine refining process in chlorine-alkali industry, etc., and be used as precipitation and flocculation agent, synthetic detergent, precipitation aid, latex thickener, paper strengthening agent, concrete strengthening agent, synthetic fiber modifier, hardwater softener, pigment dispersant, soil modifier, etc. It also can be applied to the industries including papermaking, textiles, oil drilling, cosmetics, coating, metallurgical mine dressing, production of anhydrous sodium sulfate, dust-prevention agent, etc. shape industrial level appearance white(light yellow) particle molecular weight 600-1200, 0000 (20).g/Ml density(20).g/ml PH PH value (30).dl/g Limiting viscosity (30).dl/g Directions (1) Prepare it into dilute solution with common concentration of about 0.1~0.5% before use, and determine the optimal dosage by small sample test. (2) One-off surface water shall be adopted on putting solid powder, which means bending the head of water pipe into the angle of 45 degrees, discharging water and spreading the powder on the waterway. In this way, clotting and agglomeration can be effectively avoided. (3)In solution, it is advisable to mix at a low rate of 80~100RPM and powerful mixing is prohibited in prevention from the occurrence of broken chain which may affect the efficiency. (4)The recommended mixing duration is 1 hour. (5)The dilute solution shall be prepared on request and not be kept too long. (6)For a better application, the solution shall be added off the radically mixed part. (7)The adding of solution shall be regular and continuous. Cautions

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