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GREENWAY xxxxx [POLAND] is sister company to GREENWAY PLASTIC RECYCLING in the UK with the majority share holder in each being Mr David Hill. Both companies share a common goal and work to protecting the environment by working within recognised recycling programs as established by convention within the EU. GREENWAY PLASTIC RECYCLING within the UK was established initially as SWANSEA POLYMERS in 1990 with a name change to GREENWAY PLASTIC RECYCLING in June 2004. The company holds the Certificate of Registration under the Control of Pollution (Amendement) Act 1989 number SWW/551882/CB issued by the Environment Agency in the UK with an expiry date of 23 June 2010. The company is also an AATF., approved by the UK Evironment Agency with the following approval numbers for the various sites that it operates: WEE/GJ0003ZS/ATF - WEE/HK0003ZS/ATF - WEE/HA0003ZS/ATF - WEE/HB0003ZS/ATF - WEE/HC0003ZS/ATF and WEE/HD0003ZS/ATF. During the second half of 2007, GREENWAY PLASTIC RECYCLING expanded into Central Europe in the form of GREENWAY xxxxx picking Poland as its base. Poland being the centre of Europe with its gateway into the East offered the best long term potential; manufacturing and site costs compared with many other parts of the EU are manageable, Poland�s lack of Western Technology within the recycling scenario delivers a unique opportunity in working with central and local government and has the ability in delivering additional raw material. The two companies share a wealth of experience in the recycling arena in the form of, Mr David Hill who has in excess of 18 years experience and is President of both companies. Mr Jerzy Hibner has over 27 years experience and is seen as a leading authority in Poland, Ms Joanna Kasprzak is a solicitor and active participant within the protection of the enviornment in Poland. The company in Poland has a paid CEO in the form of Mr C Pulsakowski, a UK born national now resident in Poland. Mr Pulsakowski together with Ms Kasprz




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Wojska Polskiego, Zlotow, Wielkopolska, Poland


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