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Planetary eccentric gears



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Product Description

We propose own unique patented technology allowing utilizing high and super high gear ratios in mechanisms operation provided the weight and size of the mechanisms are up to 5 times smaller. Technology is capable to provide much higher gear ratios than currently existing involute technologies of gearing.

From the time of founding our company our enterprise has developed a big number of gear box projects and products based on them: motor-reduction units, motorized conveyor drums, low-speed electromechanical axle drives, etc. Because of its small size, technological effectiveness, minimum inner free space against existing models our gears have significantly lower periods between maintenance which cuts running costs.

Gears variety.

  • Single-level circuits of the planetary gear designed by our company achieved gear ratio up to 400, output rpm up to 2kN*m and performance index reaching 95%/
  • Two-level power planetary gears with gear ratio 40 to 600, output rpm up to 10 kN*m with low vibration and noise level, big side work load and performance index up to 95%. When used regime of multiplier in wind power industry 96% performance index was achieved.
  • Two-level planetary gears by scheme 2K N with performance index 25 to 50% and gear ratios 100 to 3500 for control (regulation) systems.
  • Two-level planetary-crank special gears with gear ratio 1600 60000, and output rpm up to 10 kN*m and up to 80% performance index.
  • We also produce special planetary gears and motor-gears with duplicating manual gear for managing ball valves.

​At the expense of transfer of the same load by 8 to 40 spline teeth simultaneously the dimensions and weight of the gear are reduced 2 to 5 times. Planetary eccentric gears box power systems were developed to transfer the rpm of up to 10 kN*m.

Gears have zero play and high performance ratio at different loads.

Unique gear production technology grants advantages listed below:

  • Significantly less dimensions and weight
  • Big and super-big gear ratios
  • Play absence
  • High performance
  • Incredibly high forward-and-back speed indexes
  • Maximum full control and precision of movement transfer
  • RPM transfer up to 10 kN*m
  • Low vibration and noise level
  • High allowed side work loads
  • No cases of breakdown or functionality failure of mesh details.

Parameters described above allow successful application of our gears in following spheres:

- oil and gas industry

- metallurgy and mining and concentration industry

- chemical industry

- power industry

- machine building

- pumping and compressing equipment, fans, turbines

- food industry

- block valve stations

- machine-tool manufacture

- processing equipment

- fine positioning

- automobile production

- robotics and medical equipment

- satellite (antenna drive mechanisms) and airspace industry

- alternative power

- wind power

- agriculture

- packaging and bottling lines

- actuating devices with high dynamics





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