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Polymer, Polypropylene, Polyethylene


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  • Polyethylene pressure pipes PE-100 for sewerage systems. 

    Polyethylene pressure pipes for sewerage are used for construction and repair of outdoor pipelines, transporting water of household and drinking supply.Leading raw suppliers are European manufacturers SABIK, TOTAL. Pipes are made of polyethylene PE 100 class and correspond to standard dimension ratio SDR 41 - SDR 6, with nominal diameters  from25to500 mm, including main working pressures 4; 6; 8; 10; 12,5; 16; 20 bar. Pipes, produced in linear segments, have the length 12 m (or another by agreement with the customer). Pipes with diameter not more than 160 mm can be produced in hanks (cylinders) from 50 to 1000 m. 

    Pipes with  diameter up to 110 can be connected by means of mechanic (compression)  fittings. Polyethylene pipes of major diameters are connected mainly by means of jam-weld or by means of thermistor fittings that requires special welding equipement. Such connection is monolithic and considered to be the most reliable.
  • Polypropylene casing pipes with connecting threads for the construction of water supply wells and also production wells.
            The sinking of wells using casing pipes allows to avoid groundwater pollution, and also increase the speed of sinking thanks to reduced diameter in comparison with usual steel pipes. Blue casing pipesfor wells have the following diameters:
    Pipe outer diameter,mm Type Wall thickness,mm Unit of measure Pipe length  
     110 R08 7.2 p/m 3;5
    118 R08 7.4 p/m 3; 5
    125 R10 7.4 p/m 3; 5
    130 R10 7.6 p/m 3; 5
    140 R10 8.0 p/m 3; 5
         Pipes are made of copolymere propylenes, which have better  mechanical and ecological chracteristics than  PVC pipes for wells. 
  • Two-layered fluted polymeric pipes for outdoor sewerage   (POLYCORR).
         Polymeric pipes corresponds to the requirements of European standard project EN1401-1; 1999,material for pipes production-block-copolymer polypropylene PP of leading European manufacturers BASELL,ТVК.Nominal bore D 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 800,В type of tube, circular rigidity SN4, SN8,SN16.
    Pipes are produced by means of continuos extrusion method, have double closed structure of wall. The smooth inner surface and the corrugated outer wall. Pipes are connected by means of flayers, produced on the pipes during production process. The color of standard pipes and molded pieces for sewerage -ginger, the color of inner walls of pipes - white.
                PP pipes are designed for nonramming underground systems of public sanitary and storm water drainage.




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