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reali-slim bearing, reali-slim thin section bearing



63 ~ 74 / Unit Get Latest Price


63 per Unit

10 Unit

carton box

2 days

800 Unit per Day

T/T, L/C, Western Union, Money Gram, PayPal


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Product Specification

Type : thin section ball bearing, - Brand Name : beart Bore Size : 110 Outside Diameter : 120 Precision Rating : ABEC9 Seals Type : sealed
ball bearing : super thin section

Product Description

Beart Enterprise Co., Limited. precision thin wall bearing, also called thin wall bearings, as well as reali-slim bearings, they produce larger ratios of diameter to radial section, which lead to space and weight savings of up to 85 percent. To support various load scenarios, reali-slim bearings are available in three basic types: radial contact, angular contact, and four-point contact. Thin section bearings used for applications like machine tool, robot, optical scanning and imaging equipment, food processing machinery, packaging equipment, rotating drill rig equipment, pipe inspection equipment, iron roughnecks, power swivels, target systems and tank sights, navigation, target acquisition pods, helicopter swash plates and gearbox, propulsion and control systems, radar, satellites, mars rover, CT scanners, laboratory diagnostic equipment, surgical robotics, surgical chairs, pick and place robotics, lapping equipment, wafer etching, scrubbing and polishing, and solar panel gearboxes.KA020AR0; KA025AR0; KA030AR0; KA035AR0; KA040AR0; KA042AR0; KA045AR0;
KA047AR0; KA050AR0; KA055AR0; KA060AR0; KA065AR0; KA070AR0; KA075AR0;
KA080AR0; KA090AR0; KA100AR0; KA110AR0; KA120AR0; KB020AR0; KB025AR0;
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Contact Us

Contact Person :Mr. Steve

Company:Beart Enterprise Co., Limited

Address:Luoyang, Henan, China,


Mr. Steve < Beart Enterprise Co., Limited >
I want to know:

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