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Senya / Daniella oliveri / Gum copal



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100 Cubic Meter

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500 Cubic Meter per Month

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Product Specification

Hyperion Lignum


West African gum copal, Senya

Daniellia oliveri

(25-35 m) tall,(1-2 m) trunk diameter

(Basic, 12% MC): 510-680 kg/m3

56- 114 N/mm2

2.8-3.5(-5.6)% radial and 3.7-7.0(-9.3)% tangential

Product Description

The heartwood is red-brown, grey or red with dark streaks and is moderately clearly demarcated from the up to 8 cm wide, whitish sapwood with a pink or brown tinge. The grain is interlocked, texture medium to coarse. The wood is lustrous and contains a yellow or brown oleoresin.


The wood is lightweight to medium-weight, with a density of 510–680 kg/m³ at 12% moisture content, moderately soft but tough and strong. The shrinkage rates of the wood are moderate, from green to oven dry are 2.8–3.5(–5.6)% radial and 3.7–7.0(–9.3)% tangential. Air drying is fairly fast with little degrade. Once dry, the wood is moderately stable in service. At 12% moisture content, the modulus of rupture is 56–114 N/mm², modulus of elasticity 6280–9700 N/mm², compression parallel to grain 25–63 N/mm², shear 5–15 N/mm², cleavage 12–28 N/mm and Chalais-Meudon side hardness 1.2–3.4(–5.8).


The wood is easy to saw and work with both hand and machine tools, with little blunting effect on saw teeth and cutting edges. The wood stains satisfactorily but needs a filler before polishing. In general it nails and screws well and glues correctly. It can be readily peeled into veneer, but the veneer may warp during drying. The wood is not durable, being susceptible to attacks by fungi, termites, pinhole borers, Lyctusand marine borers. The heartwood is resistant to impregnation with preservatives and the sapwood has a variable permeability.

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