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SimpleID software unlocks the power of the most advanced access control hardware currently available in the industry: HID VertX controller and Edge IP reader. By combining the unique benefits of the new generation readers and controllers with user-friendly graphic interface, SimpleID provides an ideal solution for IT-driven security projects. What makes SimpleID different? - Minimal training requirements for end-user - Minimal training requirements for technicians - Minimum maintenance - Minimal installation costs - Maximum profit for distributors and installers QUICK FACTS: - Unlimited PC workstations - 250, 000 users per controller - 44, 000 users per IP reader/interface - 65, 535 access groups per controller - 8 access groups per user - 255 time schedules per controller - 6 intervals per time schedule - 4000 holidays SimpleID benefits - Superior monitoring features: XAML animation, clear icons, vector graphics, real-time events on the maps - Impressive scalability: start from just one IP reader and expand the system to hundreds of readers distributed all over the LAN/WAN. - Worry-free usage: scheduled automatic database sweep and backup - Single-click system updates: software automatically detects and upgrades the existing installation and database. - Push technology: events are not polled. Instead they are pushed by IP reader/controller, which means they are displayed without any delays. - Extensive reports: user data, device settings, events, access levels - [YourBrandName]: SimpleID supports skins what makes it easy for installers and integrators to add their own look and feel to the software. - Multilingual GUI: built-in translation tool allows translating or correcting the user interface text on the fly. All languages are supported. - Clear an intuitive: Any IT specialist can have the system configured and running in less than 15 minutes simply by following easy step-bystep instructions. No experience in security necessary!




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