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Snail White Bubble Mask

South Korea


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Product Description

"Snail white bubble mask"

Hypo-allergenic, Hypo-allergecic for all skin types
Cleansing & peeling, Buy one two features, clever with all in one
Cleanse the pores & Skin tone
Oxygen bubble removes waste & sevum in pores and keeps skin light.

For transparent and light skin
The seceret effect by 'Bubble mask'

Mysterious natual gifr, SwaniCoco oxygen bubble mask with 5% snail mucus removes toxins and cleans pores.Nomore stress with oily skin, largepores, uneven pigmentation, skin trouble, blackheads, sebum. Just solve skin problem, removewaste in skin & mask pack with 5% snail mucus bubble pack. Deeply penerates and dean skin with bubble burst"
Reduce your skin imtation, provide nutrition, shrinkpores. prevent blackheads and skin trouble after mask pack and pilling natural snail mucus. SwaniCoco 5% snail mucus bubble mask for transparent and light skin with the best recommendation of natural gift

"Cleasing effects with tiny oxygen bubbles, Skin nutrition and hydration effects with ingredients from snail and botanicals"

Oxgen bubbles clean the pores, cleanse the skin, effetively remove toxic elements and skin waste form pimples, black heads, calluses and comfortably soothe skin
1. Cleansing and the pack In addition to the cleansing effect of pack Simultaneous Cleansing and the pack.
2. Pure hypo allergenic For all skin types with pure hypoallergenic products Prevent trouble with skin exfoliation , no imitating
3. Shrinking pores Reduce sebum secretion with shrinking pores, Preventing blackheads with cleansing pores
4. Moisturizing skin Hold the moistures, shriking pores So, it makes skin moist.

"Effectively to use Samil bubble pack"

Directions for cleansing
1. Pump proper amount of bubble pack on a hand.
2. Wet and rub hands untill bubbling enough.
3. Gently massage bubble pack on skin.
4. Gently rinse bubble with warm water after cleasing enough

Directions for massage pack
1. Gently massage proper amount of bubble pakck for 11 minute
2. Lay down and wait for 10 minutes after massage.
3. Gently wash out bubble with warm water after all dried up.
4. Finally, rinse skin with cold water and apply tightenig serum to skin(It elps pores to shrink after removing skin wastes)

We highly recommend products to customers as the below.
1. Lots of sebum
2. Lots of exfoliating and dull skin stone
3. Due to the blackhead, pores seems wider
4. Needs cleansing without skin imitating
5. Tired skin due to lackness of moistures
6. Trouble often occurs due to waste
7. Dull skin due to remained makeup
8. Not well received skin for cremation




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seochogu, seoul, South Korea


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