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solar water pump system



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Product Specification

Brand Name : Yc Type : -
color : white fuction : pumping water from a low position

Product Description

~Product Description

Our products adopt good meterial permanent magnet, brushless DC, and non-sensor shielding

motor, and MPPT (maximum power point tracking) driving device and has diving depth of 200m, and motor efficiency reaches over 90%.

photovoltaic and wind power can offer direct power to inverter then exchange DC to AC,Then supply to water pump to pump water for irrigation or other uses .

Household water, deep well water, vehicles, ships, reverse osmosis pure water machines, water treatment equipment, filters, spraying devices, purification equipment, cooling systems, and other industries.

One solar water pump system include: Solar panel, AC water Pump with 1m cable, Contoller,Water Level sensor

~Model power flow rate/head lift(m3/h)/m
 hp kw 
SJ1-9 0.5HP 0.37KW 0.2M3/h/51m 0.6m3/h/49m 1.0m3/h/46m 1.6m3/h/38m 2.0m3/h/29m
SJ3-6 0.5HP 0.37KW 0.8m3/h/36m 1.6m3/h/32m 2.4m3/h/28m 3.2m3/h/23m 4.0m3/h/13m
SJ5-4 0.5HP 0.37KW 1.0m3/h/21m 3.0m3/h/20m 4.0m3/h/18m 5.5m3/h/13m 6.5m3/h/8m
SJ1-13 0.75HP 0.55KW 0.2m3/h/73m 0.6m3/h/71m 1.0m3/h/67m 1.6m3/h/55m 2.0m3/h/42m
SJ3-9 0.75HP 0.55KW 0.8m3/h/53m 1.6m3/h/48m 2.4m3/h/42m 3.0m3/h/36m 4.0m3/h/20m
SJ17-1 0.75HP 0.55KW 4.0m3/h/10.5m 8.0m3/h/9.5m 12m3/h/8.5m 17m3/h/6.5m 22m3/h/4m
SJ5-6 0.75HP 0.55KW 1.0m3/h/32m 3.0m3/h/30m 4.0m3/h/27m 5.5m3/h/19m 6.5m3/h/11m
SJ1-17 1.02HP 0.75KW 0.2m3/h/96m 0.6m3/h/92m 1.0m3/h/87m 1.6m3/h71m 2.0m3/h/55m
SJ3-12 1.02HP 0.75KW 0.8m3/h/70m 1.6m3/h/64m 2.4m3/h/57m 3.2m3/h/44m 4.0m3/h/27m
SJ5-8 1.02HP 0.75KW 1.0m3/h/43m 3.0m3/h/40m 4.0m3/h/36m 5.5m3/h25m 6.5m3/h/15m
SJ8-5 1.02HP 0.75KW 2.0m3/h/27m 4.0m3/h/24m 6.0m3/h/22m 9.0m3/h17m 11m3/h/10m
SJ1-25 1.5HP 1.1KW 0.2m3/h/141m 0.6m3/h/137m 1.0m3/h/129m 1.6m3/h/106m 2.0m3/h/82m
SJ3-18 1.5HP 1.1KW 0.8m3/h/105m 1.6m3/h/97m 2.4m3/h/87m 3.2m3/h/68m 4.0m3/h/42m
SJ5-12 1.5HP 1.1KW 1.0m3/h/66m 3.0m3/h/59m 4.0m3/h/54m 5.5m3/h38m 6.5m3/h/23m
SJ8-7 1.5HP 1.1KW 2.0m3/h/38m 4.0m3/h/34m 6.0m3/h/31m 9.0m3/h/24m 11m3/h/14m
SJ17-2 1.5HP 1.1KW 4.0m3/h/20.5m 8.0m3/h/19.5m 12m3/h/18m 17m3/h/13.5m 22m3/h/8m
SJ30-1 1.5HP 1.1KW 5.0m3/h/11.5m 16m3/h/10m 24m3/h/9m 30m3/h/7.5m 38m3/h/4.5m
SJ1-36 2HP 1.5KW 0.2m3/h/203m 0.6m3/h/197m 1.0m3/h/186m 1.6m3/h/153m 2.0m3/h/118m
SJ3-22 2HP 1.5KW 0.8m3/h/130m 1.6m3/h/120m 2.4m3/h/106m 3.2m3/h/84m 4.0m3/h/53m
SJ5-17 2HP 1.5KW 1.0m3/h/95m 3.0m3/h/84m 4.0m3/h/76m 5.5m3/h54m 6.5m3/h/32m
SJ8-10 2HP 1.5KW 2.0m3/h/54m 4.0m3/h/50m 6.0m3/h/45m 9.0m3/h/35m 11m3/h/21m
SJ12-5 2HP 1.5KW 3.0m3/h/34m 6.0m3/h/31m 10m3/h/27m 14m3/h/22m 18m3/h/13m
SJ1-50 3HP 2.2KW 0.2m3/h/284m 0.6m3/h/276m 1.0m3/h/260m 1.6m3/h/214m 2.0m3/h/165m
SJ3-32 3HP 2.2KW 0.8m3/h/189m 1.6m3/h/173m 2.4m3/h/154m 3.2m3/h/122m 4.0m3/h/79m
SJ5-25 3HP 2.2KW 1.0m3/h/139m 3.0m3/h/124m 4.0m3/h/112m 5.5m3/h/80m 6.5m3/h/47m
SJ8-15 3HP 2.2KW 2.0m3/h/81m 4.0m3/h/74m 6.0m3/h/68m 9.0m3/h/53m 11m3/h/33m
SJ12-7 3HP 2.2KW 3.0m3/h/48m 6.0m3/h/43m 10m3/h/38m 14m3/h/31m 18m3/h/19m
SJ17-4 3HP 2.2KW 4.0m3/h/41m 8.0m3/h/39.5m 12m3/h/36.5m 17m3/h/28m 22m3/h/18m
SJ30-2 3HP 2.2KW 5.0m3/h/22.5m 16m3/h/20m 24m3/h/17.5m 30m3/h/15m 38m3/h/9m
SJ42-1 3HP 2.2KW 5.0m3/h/13m 20m3/h/12m 40m3/h/9m 50m3/h/7m 60m3/h/4m
SJ60-1 3HP 2.2KW 20m3/h/12m 40m3/h/8.5m 50m3/h/7m 60m3/h/6m 70m3/h/4m
SJ3-43 4.1HP 3KW 0.8m3/h/254m 1.6m3/h/233m 2.4m3/h/207m 3.2m3/h/166m 4.0m3/h/107m
SJ5-33 4.1HP 3KW 1.0m3/h/183m 3.0m3/h/163m 4.0m3/h/148m 5.5m3/h/121m 6.5m3/h/71m
SJ8-18 4.1HP 3KW 2.0m3/h/95m 4.0m3/h/89m 6.0m3/h/81m 9.0m3/h/63m 11m3/h/40m
SJ12-10 4.1HP 3KW 3.0m3/h/67m 6.0m3/h/62m 10m3/h/55m 14m3/h/45m 18m3/h/27m
SJ17-5 4.1HP 3KW 4.0m3/h/52m 8.0m3/h/50m 12m3/h/45m 17m3/h/35m 22m3/h/23m
SJ30-3 4.1HP 3KW 5.0m3/h/33.5m 16m3/h/30m 24m3/h/26m 30m3/h/22m 38m3/h/14m
SJ42-2 4.1HP 3KW 5.0m3/h/26m 20m3/h/34m 40m3/h/18.5m 50m3/h/14.5m 60m3/h/8.5m
SJ60-2-2 4.1HP 3KW 20m3/h/20m 30m3/h/18m 50m3/h/13m 60m3/h/10.5m 70m3/h/6.5m
SJ5-43 5.5HP 4KW 1.0m3/h/239m 3.0m3/h/213m 4.0m3/h/193m 5.5m3/h/137m 6.5m3/h/81m
SJ8-25 5.5HP 4KW 2.0m3/h/135m 4.0m3/h/124m 6.0m3/h/113m 9.0m3/h/89m 11m3/h/56m
SJ12-13 5.5HP 4KW 3.0m3/h/88m 6.0m3/h/81m 10m3/h/71m 14m3/h/59m 18m3/h/36m
SJ17-7 5.5HP 4KW 4.0m3/h/73m 8.0m3/h/70m 12m3/h/64m 17m3/h/49m 22m3/h/31m
SJ30-4 5.5HP 4KW 5.0m3/h/44.5m 16m3/h/40m 24m3/h/35m 30m3/h/29m 38m3/h/18m
SJ60-2 5.5HP 4KW 20m3/h/24.5m 30m3/h/22m 50m3/h/16.5m 60m3/h/12.5m 70m3/h/9m
SJ75-1 5.5HP 4KW 30m3/h/18m 50m3/h/15.5m 70m3/h/13m 80m3/h/11m 100m3/h/5.5m
SJ95-1 5.5HP 4KW 40m3/h/17.5m 60m3/h/15.5m 80m3/h/12.5m 95m3/h/9.5m 110m3/h/5m
SJ8-37 7.5HP 5.5KW 2.0m3/h/201m 4.0m3/h/184m 6.0m3/h/167m 9.0m3/h/131m 11m3/h/82m
SJ12-18 7.5HP 5.5KW 3.0m3/h/120m 6.0m3/h/112m 10m3/h/99m 14m3/h/81m 18m3/h/50m
SJ17-10 7.5HP 5.5KW 4.0m3/h/103m 8.0m3/h/100m 12m3/h/91m 17m3/h/72m 22m3/h/45m
SJ30-6 7.5HP 5.5KW 5.0m3/h/67m 16m3/h/60m 24m3/h/52m 30m3/h/44m 38m3/h/27m
SJ42-3 7.5HP 5.5KW 5.0m3/h/40m 20m3/h/36m 40m3/h/28m 50m3/h/22m 60m3/h/13m

Contact Us

Contact Person : Annie

Company:YunNan YaoChuang Energy Development Co.,

Address:Kunming, Yunnan, China,


Annie < YunNan YaoChuang Energy Development Co., >
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