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SWIMMING POOL CHEMICALS - Calcium Hypochlorite hi-chlon niclon


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HI-CHLON 70 G(Nippon Soda Co. Ltd., Japan)75-76% available chlorine

PRICE: Php 5,300 - 6,000/45kilo plastic drum

NICLON 70 Granular (TOSOH Corp. Japan) 76-79% available chlorine

PRICE: Php 5,400 - 6,000/45kilo plastic drum
Repack: Php 250.00/1 kilo plastic bottle


SUPER-CHLOR 65% &70% (Jianghan Chemical Complex,Hubei,China - ISO 9001)

PRICE: SUPER-CHLOR 65%min Php3,000/40kilo plastic drum
PRICE: SUPER-CHLOR 70%min Php3,200/40kilo plastic drum

Granularity: 90% 14 - 50mesh granule
Production capacity: 25,000Tons/year. Ranks first in China and third in the world. Sold to America, Australia, Brazil, Columbia, Philippine, Thailand, Vietnam and many countries in Africa and Europe. RELIABLE QUALITY AND REASONABLE PRICE WINS THE TRUST OF CUSTOMERS


Starchlon 70G  (Nankai Chemical Co.Ltd. JAPAN)

PRICE: Php 5,300/45kilo plastic drum

TRICHLORO ISOCYANURIC ACID 90%CHLORINE TABLET (NISSAN Hi-Lite TAB 200). JAPAN. Dish-shaped,200grams/tablet 3"dia. x 1" thick.

PRICE: Php 650.00/kilo (5 tablets per kilo [200g per tablet])

DICALITE (USA) DE (Diatomaceous Earth) powder

PRICE: Php 1,480/50lbs bag

CELITE (USA) DE(Diatomaceous Earth) powder. AQUACEL

PRICE: Php 1,100/50lbs bag

PERLITE FILTER AID powder (Philippines)

PRICE: Php 850/20kilo bag

HAYWARD TEST KIT 2-in-1(pH, chlorine & bromine test)

PRICE:   Php 650.00/set

Chelated Copper Sulfate based algaecide blue powder

PRICE:  Php300/1kilo pack

GLB PH Down / Dry Acid

PRICE: Php 800.00/4 lbs

POOLTRINE (swimming pool algaecide)

PRICE: Php 1,200/quart (946ml)


**Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
**Prices vary depending on delivery location & quantity purchased.

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