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left-right twisted turbulators

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Turbulators are one of the main tools used to enhance heat transfer and to decrease the size, weight and cost of equipment.

Van Dijk Heating has many years of experience in the manufacture of turbulators and has maximised the effectiveness of heat transfer for all kinds of customers. Our turbulators are based on the left-right twisted tape design. Its low pressure drop and high heat transfer rate makes it one of the best turbulators for gaseous heat transfer applications.

Van Dijk Heating is renowned worldwide to deliver large numbers of turbulators primarily to manufacturers of boilers, water heaters and air heaters. Over the last 35 years we have continually optimized our turbulator devices and we now offer a wide range of turbulators to suit a diverse range of applications.

Years of experience and a flexible production method enables Van Dijk Heating to produce the best type of turbulator for every application. Examples of common applications are:

 Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

 Firetube Boilers

 Hot Water Heaters

 Biomass boilers

 Convection air heaters

 Radiant heaters

 Air pre heaters

 Condensors

 Coolers

 Industrial ovens

 Solar water heaters

 Static Mixers





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