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Urea, Carbamide, Carbonyl diamine;



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Urea, Carbamide, Carbonyl diamine;

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Concentrated, high-nitrogen fertilizer.

Compared with other nitrogen fertilizers, particularly ammonium nitrate, urea contains the greatest amount of nitrogen in 46% of the amide form, while 34% of nitrate nitrogen (ammonium form in half and half in the nitrate), which determines the economic feasibility of purchasing and use of urea as the main fertilizer and foliar incorporation as a solution for all crops and all types of soil.

Suitable for melamine, cyanuric acid, urea-formaldehyde resins, pharmaceuticals, and as a component of cosmetic preparations, in agriculture as the most concentrated nitrogen fertilizer (it contains 46.2% nitrogen) for many crops in any soil, as an additive to fodder for ruminant animals.

Another important industrial application of urea synthesis is a urea-aldehyde (especially urea-formaldehyde) resins are widely used as algezivov in the production of wood-fiber board (MDF) and furniture production.

Urea is produced in granular form, malogigroskopichen, nontoxic, and storage of compressed slightly soluble in water.
Carbamide (urea) - CO (NH2) 2 - contains not less than 46% nitrogen. Produced by the synthesis of ammonia and carbon dioxide at high pressures and temperatures. White crystalline product, soluble in water. Hygroscopicity urea at 20 ° C is relatively small. In good storage conditions, little cake, preserves rasseivaemost satisfactory. Especially good physical properties are granulated urea. Urea is considered one of the most effective nitrogen fertilizer. It comes in two variants - A - for industrial use, and B - for agricultural use. Urea is used in medicine in the manufacture of drugs and pharmaceuticals, as a component of resins and adhesives in the wood processing industry. In addition to fertilizers and glue, urea is synthesized from herbicides - chemicals used to kill unwanted vegetation (all at a certain location).
Carbamide (urea) - a concentrated nitrogen fertilizer, easily soluble in water and referring to the generic category.
The main macro-urea and other nitrogen fertilizers actually nitrogen, a chemical element is extremely important for a normal full life of the plant. In urea in terms of dry matter present in a concentration of 46%. Element is directly connected with the construction of biomolecules and entree into the most important acids and proteins. Thus, nitrogen stimulates and promotes the growth of plants and crops. After the discovery of such a useful feature of the element it began to actively use and implement in agricultural production agronomists, making it possible to obtain with the limited land area much larger yields of useful crops.
Carbamide (urea) can be added to any type of soil. Nitrogen improves the quality of fruit plants and fruits themselves. If the nitrogen in the soil is not enough, the tree branches become thin and weak, less branched and the leaves become yellow in color in the fall.And the yellowing begins with lower leaves, as originally nitrogen from domestic reserves of the plant, and it moves into the growth zone - to younger leaves and fruit. However, excess nitrogen is harmful to plants, since there is a more vigorous plant growth, and the trunk and branches grow in the ovaries of fruit damage. Therefore, nitrogen fertilizers, particularly urea, it is necessary to make, following the recommended doses, according to the possible methods of bait: dissolved in water or in bulk, and then be watered. Urea in the soil is usually done in the spring. 

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