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Vermicompost - organic soil improver



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5L or 10L bags, big bags, big bales.

2-4 weeks



Peat soil

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organic, eco friendly


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Vermicompost (or biohumus) - natural soil improver produced by Californian worms. It is rich in nutrients, contains ferments, microorganisms, vitamins and natural growth stimulators. Biohumus is 10 times efficient than most chemical fertilizers it  is a slow-release organic  additive, that activates soil for 3-5 years, facilitates plant rooting, engraftment, maintains moisture balance, accelerates  development of the plant and leads to the earlier, highest quality harvest.  Use it as a seedling starter, potted-plant food or as a part of growing media.  It also can be mixed with water to form a nutrient-rich soil tea for annual plants treatment or spread as a thick layer on top of the existing soil, like fertilizer.
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