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Wood Window/ Doors Frame



Wood Window/ Doors Frame

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Bright Idea Projects Import & Export combines air, ocean, ground transportation, and freight and customs brokerage services with warehouse and distribution internationally. Our capable management team built from a sound infrastructure enables B.I.J to deliver a premier service global commodities and logistics services whilst efficiently controlling the flow of goods and information across the customers supply chain. Customized commodities are the key to our success. We have forge relationships, trust, Friendships integrity, Respect and accountability with our customers globally.


The fast moving supply chain in this day and age leaves very little margin for error as businesses cannot afford to have shipments delayed at border crossings or ports of entry unnecessarily. Resultant costs in delays allow market leaders to considerably decrease their bottom line profit margins, B .I. J employs experienced staff that is capable of avoiding the above scenario, ensuring that the best possible solutions are sought to keep the goods in motion throughout the supply chain. Pre-clearance is an added advantage for airfreight of commodities.


With rapid advancement in technology, customers can check real time status of the movement of their cargo as a result of many major air and sea carriers providing track and trace facilities via access through their websites. B.I.J will advise on the various websites for perusal and are in daily contact with the tracking divisions of the major carriers. B.I.J would provide an updated status report on the movement of the customers’ cargo on a daily basis from time of receipt of order to final delivery of order. By means of a customized form that will be updated on a regular basis detailing normal clearing and forwarding activity to cases of irregularities, the above is made possible.

B.I.J offers local and long distance road transportation /inland haulage of break-bulk and containerized and specialized cargo via a reliable and vast network of transport operators. Our success lies in our committed efforts at keeping all relevant parties constantly and timorously updated on all cargo movement whilst en-route to destination.


In order to concentrate on our core competence viz. Import & Export, B.I.J use our services provider warehouse and distribution to our customers B.I.J will however provide constantly updated stock sheets of stored cargo to enable their customers to have a precise stock status at any given time.


The importance of customized logistics solutions for each individual customer will undoubtedly separate the traditional freight forwarder from the specialist forwarder. The specialist forwarder will thus be able to provide a solution (implemented, initiated and controlled) after intensively discussing and understanding the customers’ requirements. The result is that operations, administration and other key supply chain related functions are made much easier. B.I.J will devise a database customized to the customers’ requirements that will entail all the required information, but will also be constantly updated and submitted via electronic mail to the customer. These emailed forms and reports can be retrieved and amended and forwarded to the sender who will then automatically update the database. Information technology will thus serve an important function in the logistics chain.


Bright Idea Projects has the ability to scrutinize and advise on the best-suited carrier to utilize after reviewing their service offerings and related costs. By means of bargaining power based on volumes, the best rates and most efficient suppliers of service are sourced.


Bright Idea Projects Import & Export , through our established network of commodity brokers prides ourselves on our ability to procure products on behalf of our valued clients and with our “ fingers on the pulse” approach are extremely aware of the nature of supply and demand regarding product procurement.


Bright Idea Projects Import & Export has embarked on a policy of strategic alliances with various established and professional service providers. Our alliance with other outsourced service providers enable us to operate within the boundaries of South Africa and beyond. We value our relationships with our allied partners as this entails nationwide as well as global co-ordination of both air and sea shipments.


Bright Idea Projects Import & Export has been strategically situated near close proximity to the main Customs and Excise offices in Durban and within close distance of the offices of the major sea carriers in Durban. This entails quick and efficient co-ordination of the necessary paperwork required for both import and export of any customer’s commodity. Quick drawing of time sensitive cargo is made possible by use of outsourced and own vehicles provided that the customer has adhered to all necessary regulations.


Bright Idea Projects Import & Export have a team of experienced and dedicated staffs that offer valuable expertise for all clearing, forwarding and related functions. This dedication and expertise makes us the exception to the norm. We also guarantee an after hours service that is within reasonable circumstances.




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Bright Idea Projects 2332 CC

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