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200 per Square Meter

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800 Unit per Year

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Santana Casas de Alvenaria e Madeira



Product Description

SANTANA is nowadays one of the best companies of pre made wooden houses, eco bricks and conventional brickwork in Brazil. We’ve been in the market since 1994, exporting kits of pre made wooden houses to the whole world, we have great experience in exportation to countries such as Angola, Portugal, Spain, France, Dominican Republic, among others.
We’re adapted to all the Brazilian rules when it comes to wood exportation, demanded by IBAMA that ensures guarantee of quality and promptness at the shipping. We’re one of the few companies that are truly allowed to export; we’re signed in the Federal Brazilian Bureau.
We can adapt any project to our building system and give a personalized budget, such as modify any of our standard projects.
Entire assistance in the montage of the kits, indicating professionals with a wide experience in the area.
Grápia (Apuleia Leiocarpa) 
Others under consultation
General Characteristics: The Grapia is a very heavy wood of light color. Varying from beige and yellow to a browned pink, uniform, with no smell.
Durability:There are thousand of constructions made of wood in the world. Some of them can be over 300 years old. The durability expectancy of a wooden house SANTANA, with the appropriated maintenance, is up to 90 years. It has great resistance against insects attack due to its composition entirely of durament.
Main application: Due to its weight, of natural moderated durability, and of mechanical resistance varying from medium to high, it is indicated for civil construction.
Can adapt the system constructive the necessities of the country or regional of destiny.
Wooden Kit:
- Walls in hardwood (grapia), length depending on the project, organized in an horizontal form.
- Structure of the walls: hardwood (grapia) columns, length depending on the project.
- Wood flooring in the bedrooms and surroundings.
- Roof structure: in hardwood (grapia), depending on the needs of the project.
- Framing with Angelim wood: Balconies and corners.
- Inside and outside doors: straight model in hardwood.
- Wood Nails
- Special cleaning product for wood
- Product against termite
- Detailed instructions book
Final touches Kit:
- Ceramic curved roofing tile
- Isolating blanket for the roof
- Wall tiles for kitchens, bathrooms and laundry up to the ceiling
- Ceramic tile for the entire house
- Mortar masonry
- Metal accessories for windows and doors
- Metal accessories for bathrooms and lavatories
- Varnish with double sun screen for the wood paintings
- Acrylic paint for all the brick work




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Mr. Luiz

Santana Casas de Alvenaria e Madeira

Av. Prof. Vicente Rao, 2054, Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil


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