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Dried Seafood Products (Fish Maw, Abalone, Scallops, Sea Horse, Birds Nest)

South Africa


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Small packing: 1g/ 3g/ 5g/ 10g etc.. Large packing: 100g/ 250g/ 500g/ 1kg etc.. According to client

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3000 Kilogram per Month

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Seafood Products

Product Specification


We supply high quality Hippocampus dried sea horse at compet

For decoction: 3 to 9 g. Taken in powder

individual/ pieces/ powder

Crude Medicine

invigorating the kidney

medium/ large

Product Description

Powerland Multi Global Trading Ltd now added additional dried product on the stock, we provide high quality seafood items with best prices to all our customer around the globe. Our dried seafood products are carefully selected with our well trained personals who have years of experience and processed in good order to ensure the best quality of the products for our customers satisfactions.


  • Dried Abalone (7 Holes & 8 Holes Species)
  • Dried Scallops (Large, Medium, Small Sizes)
  • Dried Sea Horse
  • Dried Sea Dragon
  • Dried Turtle Meat
  • Dried Fish Maw (Threadfin, Kurou, Snapper, Grouper, Eel, Barramundi, Croackers, etc)
  • Dried Fish Roe (Fly Fish roe / Tobiko)
  • Birds Nest (Cleaned, Captive harvest)
Specification of our Hippocampus Dried Sea House can be seen below. Specifications:

Sea horse - Hippocampus


Species seahorse

Common name: seahorse

Scientificname: hippocampus - Ingens
English Name: Seahorse
Name in Latin: Maris caballus

Specifications Physics and Chemistry

- Protein: 98.6%
- Humidity: 1.05%  
- Fats: 0.35%
- Salt minerals: 15.01%
- Salt: 2.80%
- Arena: 2,003%  
- T.V.N: 1.68%  
- P.H: 7.7.5%
- Salmon: (-)
- Follows: (-)  
- Size: 10 cm. A 16 cm.  
- Fashion: 12 to15

  • Sea horse is whole normal dry.
  • Pieces per kilo: 120 to 130 pz.
  • Best Quality of seahorse. 
  • Texture feature of the horse, bright color changed. 
  • Product quality is considered premium depending on the type of process whichgives the raw material itself.
  • We do have cites for this product.
  • We can supply up to 3000 kilogram a month (Dried)
  • We can supply 50,000 pces (Live) a month.
  • We have cites certificate.

Properties (characteristics)

Nature: Warm. 

Taste: Sweet, salty.

Organ: Kidneys, Liver.

Toxicity: Non toxic. 





Asthma, impotence, unable to conceive, sleepiness and lack of strength, infection of throat, skin diseases, difficulty in delivery babies, insomnia  due to deficiency, sciatica, injuries, abdomen pain, and breast cancer.


Medical Functions

Sex hormone effect: the alcohol extract of hai ma can prolong the heat period of female rats, increases the weight of the ovaries and possesses the effect of female hormone. It also can increase the weight of the prostate gland, spermatophore, and levator ani muscles.


Anti aging effect: hai ma can increase the threshold of mice in lack of oxygen, lower mono-amine oxidase, and lower lipid peroxide inside the body.


Anti cancer effect: water decoction of hai long can promote normal people peripheral lymphocyte transformation, can inhibit human cancer cells. It is possible to observe the dissolving of the cancer cells after contacting the extract of hai long.


The larger the dosage the larger was the rate of dissolving of the cells and the more obvious was the leaching out of the content of the cancer cells.



Yin Deficiency with empty Heat. Pregnancy. Not to use during pregnancy or in cases of yinxu (yin deficient) with high heat.

Large dosage and long term usage can be toxic to kidneys.

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