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Lignosus rhinocerus tiger milk mushroom



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2 Kilogram

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only white


without leaf

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4 years


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with leaf

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tiger milk mushroom, our product is in borneo so this product we can guarantee good product we have advanced about this product, we can make powder from this product it about you request, if you need this mushroom, we can send mushroom, if you need powder we can do it for you

Lignosus rhinocerus, commonly known as tiger milk mushroom, belongs to family Polyporaceae in the division Basidiomycota.Tiger milk mushroom is regarded as a medicinal mushroom with the ability to cure numerous ailments. This fungus is geographically distributed only in tropical rainforests in the region of South China, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Papua New Guinea.

In Malaysia, the tiger milk mushroom is more often known as "Cendawan Susu Rimau" and is hailed as Malaysias national treasure. It has been used traditionally as a health tonic. According to folklore, the name is based on a story in which the relatively uncommon fungus grows on the spot where a tigress drips her milk while feeding her cubs

 Tiger Milk Mushroom is a wonderful tropical medical mushroom?  It belongs to the Polyporaceae family, one of the most important medicinal mushrooms  used by natives in Southeast Asia.


Lignosus rhinocerus, or more commonly known as the Tiger Milk Mushroom,  hailed as Malaysian national treasure,  has been recognized as one of the most popular medicinal mushrooms used by indigenous communities for more than 400 years.

this is one of best mushroom 

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