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SK fast curing super glue for wood pvc


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1000 Kilogram

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Product Specification

cyanoacrylate adhesive 502








Product Description

SK adhesive is a kind of α-ethyl cyanoacrylate adhesive with low-viscosity and rapid adhesion. For wood processing, general adhesion may begin to be cured in several seconds; be able to adhere to industrial art and educational supplies and to be used after sub-package in advertising production, furniture repairing, plastic toy, metal product and other industries.
Brand: Yuwang
Package size: 30*30*45cm
Main component: α-ethyl cyanoacrylate
Appearance: colorless clear liquid
Density, g/cm3 (20): 1.052±0.02
Viscosity, cps (25 ): ≤3  
Tensile shear strength, Mpa: ≥8
Curing time, seconds:
Adhered materials: ABS  silica gel plate  PVC soft board  nitrile rubber  ethylene propylene diene monomer  butyl rubber
Curing time, 5-10 15-20 13-18 3-10 2-10 2-10
Filling gap, mm: 0.01-0.1       
Applicable temperature range: : -50-80
complete curing time, h: 24
Storage period: 1 year at 0-5; 6 months at 25; no time limitation at -20. Prior to use, return to room temperature.
Storage: the product is placed and sealed in the original package and stored at a cool place protected from direct sunlight irradiation and from long-term air contact (can be refrigerated in a refrigerator for extending preservation time).
Conventional package: 20kg/bucket
Safety attentions: Dangerous and irritant gas is prevented from contacting with eyes and skin. Otherwise, it will adhere to skins within several seconds. In case of contact with eyes, wash eyes with plenty of fresh water for 15 minutes and immediately seek medical assistance. It is used in a well-ventilated place, and its contact with clothes shall be avoided, otherwise a large amount of heat generated will burn skin. Kept out of reach of children.
1. The surface of adhered materials is wiped with organic solvent such as acetone to remove grease or release agent. It shall be noted that salt-base substances (water, alcohol, amine, etc.) residual on the surface after treatment may accelerate curing of the adhesive and acidic substance residual may slow its curing rate. Therefore, the surface must be thoroughly cleaned.

2. Adhesive application amount must be appropriate. Generally, thinner adhesive layer causes higher strength; in case of more application amount, required moisture is more and curing rate is slower; Therefore, for compact, good-contact plat boards, adhesive application amount of 4-5mg/cm3 is adequate.  

3. If the gap between base materials is smaller, curing rate is larger. Therefore, it is recommended that the gap between adhered materials shall be between 0 and 0.1mm, and Yuwang adhesion accelerator or thickened adhesive is used for the gap over 0.1mm.

4. Superimposition cant be conducted immediately after adhesive application, and airing is conducted for 1-5s, depending on air humidity; During adhesion, operate at the aligned position and prevent dislocation. Otherwise, adhesion strength will be influenced. Compression time is generally 2s-5min.

5. Curing rate is related to the temperature and humility of adhered position. High temperature and high humility cause large curing rate and reduced adhesion strength. The most appropriate temperature is 20-30 and most appropriate humility is 50-60%. The humility over 70% must be avoided, otherwise whitening phenomenon will occur. Both excessive dryness and excessive moisture will influence curing rate and adhesion strength.

6. If adhesion time is too long due to larger gap between base materials or lower environmental humidity, it is feasible to use Yuwang adhesion accelerator (add 25mg accelerator into each 20g adhesive).

7. The adhered material has better permeability, the adhesive with larger viscosity will be more appropriate.

8. For difficult-adhesion materials such as PE, PP, silica gel, ABS and TPR, after their surfaces are treated with Yuwang treating agent sprayed, their adhesion effectiveness is better.

9. Vaporing adhesive gas combines with the moisture in air to cure into a white powder, namely whitening phenomenon. If a customer proposes the restrict requirement of whitening phenomenon, it is feasible to use products with low whitening potential, or strengthen the air circulation or use the corresponding promoter to reduce whitening potential.

10. For a small area of glue, glue layer may be softened by warm water soaking or removed with acetone.





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