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Product Description Our pet food & fish feed extrusion production line are designed to process a wide range of recipes. Manufacturers can produce an

Theproductionlinesusesadvancedextrusiontechnologyandachieve automation from mixing, extrusion, shaping, filling, cutting, drying, laboring, a...

Crumb is mainly used for fried beefsteak and chicken as frying dressing, this line is specially designed and developed to operate from the material

This process line is one of the newly developed double screw extruding techniques of our company. The traditional stir-fry handwork has low efficien

Dog food extrusion machine arespeciallydesigned to process a wide range of recipes. Manufacturers can produce whichever number of textures, shapes,

Breakfast cereal food is one crispy food which is processed by this line using grist as basic material .it is fast and nourishing food with given st

ZHUOHENG designs and manufactures more than 20 years Machinery, equipment and complete pasta production lines for the production of fresh pasta, dry a

Large scale production line can produce premium quality koi food, gold fish food, tropical fish food, dog food, cat food and as well as monkey food. T

Pet Food production line end uses pet food with amount of nutrition, digestible structure, novel shape, and unique taste to meet with the need of mode