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Vietnam black pepper, black pepper new crop 2013, competitive price, high quality pepper, spicy core pepper, prompt shipment, all grades of pepper, AS

Star aniseed is offered at very competitive, good quality, nice appearance. Star anise with big flower size, there is seed inside, featured aroma.

We are one of leading supplier of green mung been-high quality latest crop at lowest price with big quantity and timely delivery.

Green Mung Bean, Bean from Vietnam. Competitive price and good quality are offered to get and maintain customers

Dear valued customer, We are VISIMEX JSC, manufacturer and supplier of Spices such as Tapioca chips and starch, cassia, star anise, pepper, etc.

Tapioca chips and starch are used for alcohol extracting and animal feed. We are exporting huge quantity of Tapioca chips and starch to China, the USA

high quality broken star aniseed from Vietnam Origin: Vietnam Specifications: Appearance: well-dried, clean, no mould or fungus

Specifications Supplying all types of cassia: split cassia, broken cassia, whole cassia, pressed cassia, etc. Cassia is pressed by machine.

Vietnam black and white pepper, pepper new crop 2012, competitive price, high quality, spicy core, prompt shipment, all grades of pepper

Visimex., JSC is supplying all types of CASSIA: cassia whole, cassia whole pressed, split cassia, broken casisa, etc.

Broken cassia (Cinnamon) is the pieces of cassia that has been broken during processing. Cassia is thin, aromatic, no rubbish.

Dear valued customer, We are manufacturer and supplier of Spices such as Tapioca chips/ Cassava, cassia, star anise, pepper, etc.

Offering cinnamon/cassia new crop, very thin cinnamon/cassia, well-dried cinnamon/cassia, bright yellow color cinnamon. Split cassia (Cinnamon) is

Pepper is consumed and enjoyed by people all over the world. Vietnam pepper branch is gaining high position in world pepper market.

Red chilli NEW CROP 2012, quality, spicy chilli, hot, natural color chilli, competitive price. Dehydrate Chilli with(out) stem. any length chilli

Offer Tapioca starch for textile, alcohol, food and animal feed. Huge quantity available, competitive price tapioca starch and good quality starch

Star aniseed is offered at very competitive, big flower size star aniseed, good quality star aniseed, nice appearance star aniseed, prompt shipment

1. All types of Cashew nut: WW240, WW320, SW, LBW, DW, WS, SS, WB, LP, SP, BB 2. Prompt shipment 3. New crop 2012 raw material