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Wholesale Vehicle GPS Tracker GP600D
GP600DD [ fuel monitor version ], a powerful GPS, GSM/GPRS vehicle tracking device, is desirable for professional fleet management and individual vehicle security purpose. It comes with the features of built in memory for data buffer, harsh-weather and shock resistant PCB design, multiple inputs and outputs plus the user-friendly web tracking software

Additional function than GP600C:
Fuel Monitoring

Full features and functions same as that of GP600C as below:

1. Work with below GPS accessories:
   To receive and send message from web application via GPRS
   Even better communicate with the driver by making and receiving       phone call with handset or LCD

   To take photos at pre-set interval or when vehicle status changes,    such as when door opens, panic button being pressed, driver enters    or leaves geofence. Photos are sent to trakcing web via gprs with      info of time,place, vehicle status.
   Driver ID tool
   Use a driver tag to identify the driver. Each ID tool comes with 2    tags.

   Door Sensor
   Door status detection and alert to the website and controller    mobilephone

2. 12V-24V vehicle battery applicable
3. Built-in Backup battery
      It supplies the device power for about 8-12 hours when vehicle
      power disconnected. Meanwhile external power failure alert will       be reported to website
4. Webbased tracking software: User friendly,device parameters
     setting, user and account management
5.Unlimited access to tracking account
6.Account managment with defferent access level
7. Independent tracing software:For tracing and download the trip,
   idling, parking reports more conveniently
8. Realtime tracking via GPRS on website
9. Live tracking on moiblephone via GPRS or SMS tracking
10. Automatic and intelligent power saving:
       Device will stop sending data after ACC is off for a       
       predefined peroid till acc is back on.
11.  Tracing last one month trip on Google map
12  Data buffer
    This is one more important function than GP600A
    When vehicle runs in area without GSM coverage or GPRS network   
    unavailable, the device will store the gps data and upload to the      website when it retrievs the signal.

13. Monitoring:
   Remotely shut down vehicle and resume
   Ignition on/off detection
   Mileage calculation
   Arm and disarm vehicle via SMS
   Geofence control
           Max 20 geofences can be set and unit will alarm when      
           vehilce enters or/and leaves the area
   POI: Place of Interest
   Distance measurement on Google map
   Listen in:
      Listen the voice at the vehicle without interrupting the driver.
14. Alarming:
   SOS alert
    When panic button is pressed in case of emergency, the GPS will  
    send an SOS alert to the websoftware and SMS to programmable     
  Overspeed alert
  Geofence alert
  Main Power failure alert
     When device is tampered or removed from vehicle and main power  
     disconnected, unit will send a power failure alarm to the website
     and programmable controller mobile phone number
Theft alert /unauthorized driving alert
      Under arming status, device will send an alert when vehicle    
      starts before its disarmed

15. Reports:
   Parking reports (ACC off)
   Trip report (ACC on)
   Idling report (ACC on, but vehicle is stationary)
   Mileage report
   Alerts report (SOS, Power failure, geofence warning report etc )
   Speed report etc.
   Daily Fuel consumption
   Monthly fuel consumption
   Realtime fuel consumption
   Abnormal fuel increase report
   Abnormal fuel decrease report

Dimension:  112mm×88mm×38mm
Unit Weight:   0.35kg
GSM module: Huawei GTM900, GSM 850/900/1800/1900, Support dual-
band or quad-band
GPS Chipset: SIRF-Star III chipset
GPS Sensitivity:-159dBm
GPS Frequency: L1,1575.42MHz
C/A Code: 1       .023MHz chip rate
Channels:           20 channel all-in-view tracking
Position Accuracy:10 meters, 2D RMS
Velocity Accuracy:0.1 m/s
Time Accuracy:   1 us synchronized to GPS time
Datum:                  WGS-84
Reacquisition:     0.1 sec.,average
Hot start:               1 sec.,average
Warm start:           38sec.,average
Cold start:             42sec.,average
Altitude Limit:        18,000 meters (60,000feet) max.
Velocity Limit:         515 meters/second (1000knots) max.
Acceleration Limit: Less than 4g
Jerk Limit:               20m/sec
Operating temperature: -25℃ to 70℃
Humidity:                   5% to 95% Non-condensing
Voltage Rechargeable: 1300 mAh battery(3.7V)
Power supply voltage: Direct current 10—36V 




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