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Polymer Manhole Covers and Frames

Polymer  Manhole Covers and Frames

South Africa

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POLYMER CONCRETE is a combination of Polyester Resin, combined with Silica Sand and reinforced with fibreglass strands. This combination is mixed, moulded and cured resulting in a strong and durable material. This product has been used successfully in various other applications. NAS Polymers has done extensive research in perfecting the formula to ensure the success of itâsâ use in the production of Manhole Covers and Frames. Strength in tension, compression and flexibility are ± 3 â 5 times higher in products made from polymer than in similar products made from conventional concrete. In the production of Manhole Covers and Frames, tests have shown that: ï§ Polymer is more resistant to corrosion than cast iron. ï§ The strength of Polymer is unaffected by exposure to oil, diesel or petrol. ï§ Polymer concrete displays low water absorption. Advantages are as follows: ï§ Due to the fact that there is NO SCRAP VALUE to polymer (it cannot be recycled) theft is minimized. ï§ Damage claims resulting from the theft of manhole covers is reduced. ï§ Polymer is by far easier to handle than cast iron. Therefore injuries caused to workers are minimized. ï§ Polymer can be pigmented in various colours to suite customer needs. ï§ Polymer is lighter in weight than cast iron. This reduces the cost of transport. ï§ Company names or order numbers can be moulded into the cover. Disadvantages are few: ï§ Exposure to high concentrations of acids or alkalis on a regular basis, can compromise the strength of polymer. ï§ Polymer products are not suitable where CONTINUOUS immersion is a requirement.




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