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A Foldng RIB

A Foldng RIB


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.Here - Now. The unique folding ByPorta-Bote™ International Forget everything you think you know about Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIB's). Sure, they offer an incredibly dry, stable ride you'd expect from a RIB. But, the similarities end there! When you're through deflating an "ordinary" RIB, you're still stuck with a boat hull that takes up as much space as any ordinary boat hull.

A CRIB also weighs 50% less than a comparable length RIB making transportation and handling much easier.
The CRIB has the incredibly strong, near indestructible Porta-Bote hull. Time proven by the military and in use for over 40 years As is well known. an ordinary fiberglass hull and gel coat on an ordinary RIB are much more susceptible to damage from rocks or reefs .Finally the CRIB has much more interior volume for the same length than a RIB so you can carry more gear..

Available in 10'(3.0m), 12' (3.6m), 14' (4.3m) and 16' (4.8m) models  




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Porta-Bote International

1074 Independendence Ave., Mountain View, California


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