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Measures of keeping Fungus away from Furniture


Furniture is the must-needed constituent which plays a unique role in giving pleasant look to the houses.

Many people go for different options when it comes to purchasing decision as metal and wooden furniture are the two most selling stuff in these days. Though, the metal furniture buyers are considered as niche due to limited target market, but most of the people’s interest lies on wooden furniture due to its varied benefits. In fact, the wooden furniture’s life span is short as compared to that furniture made by metal. The reason tied with shorten life of wooden furniture is the arising of mould and mildew, which may be the cause of deteriorating the furniture that form health related issues. After certain time or earlier, tiny shaped bubbles becoming apparent on the wooden surface which is the starting stage of mould ( generally referred as “Fungus”), a tiny organisms which is mainly formed by leaving drops of liquid in the pores or soaking with the wet cloth with no ventilation system. Sopping wet is the property of wood and it becomes the source of forming fungus on the wooden furniture. This fungus brings number of infections, allergies and health problems over time if not stopping it from going far enough. This harmful substance mixed in the air once you started combing the furniture and arouse various health issues for instance, headache, sinus congestion, respiration, throat pain and others.

Therefore, the owners must have to protect their furniture as well as health from fungus by not allowing it to spread more. It will not be settled down by its own and one have to be cautious while fixing it and some of the suggestions are: keep well arrangement of air bypass in rooms/bathroom/halls and where furniture is placed. The reason is the fungus growth in humid environment where ventilation is low, so proper system will surely safeguard the furniture from its source of growth.

Always keep cleanliness all around:The source of fungus is not awakened solely inside the home but also fly in from outside. It doesn’t mean you hold the broom and start cleaning the streets but as a minimum, can keep the lawn and entrance area clean.

Never permit moisture to stabilize: If you have dropped something, make sure to clean it up then and there so that it does not leave a trail and permit the formation of mildew over your furniture.

Always Prevent moisture of being stabilized: Always gear up for cleaning fungus even though the furniture has already got the fungus. One should get a pair of rubber gloves, detergent/liquid soap, brushes and mop to wipe out the fungus.

Remove weak spores of mould: Apply dry cloth to clean the loose spots of mould and leave some powder on that very place and collect the loose mould in a bag or a sort of box and dispose it carefully to avoid any particle coming out of from it again.

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