Symantec Exposed Deadly Computer Based Spyware


Symantec is the most respectable in the world of computer security industry, which has recently claimed that they have managed to discern a high –handed and malevolent spyware which was never detected by any company before.

According to Symantec, the software mainly referred as “Regin,” was probably designed by government and employing to attain their prescribed targets throughout the world.

This is basically an undercover agent spyware that installs in the computer at once then start performing anti-encrypted activities such as taking screen shots, hacking passwords or get the access of deleted files.

The IT experts reported that the software has badly hit the computers in countries like Russia, Ireland and Saudi Arabia. They further added that, the bug has been extensively used to spy the activities of individuals, businesses, governments and for other purposes.

The investigators stated that the complexity of the spyware draw attention towards the fact that it is a hardcore cyber-espionage tool designed by state’s government. They also observed that the software was developed within some months and its creators have gone to great lengths to cover its tracks.

It has been argued by Sian John, a senior security strategist at Symantec, “It seems that the software has emerged from western region. The software shows the extreme level of skills and proficiency reflected from the record time taken in the development of this spyware possibly few months.”

The core objective of the software was to spoil the equipment but apparently, it has been used to gather private data.

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