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Flood Sandbag Flood control sandbag, Saves money, time and labor in fight against flooding with reusable bags. filled with safe biodegradable polyme

Beauty Ball 1.Skin softness effect, Antibiotics effect, Magic stone water, Promote the blood circulation, Activate cell, Overcome the fatigue and Rel

Detox Foot Patch *Feel energized *Relieves Allergies *Normalizes Blood Pressure *Relief of Arthritis or joint pains *Reduces Water Retention

Germanium Shower Head Hot selling! Negative ions Spa function Germanium cosmetic & healthcare function Water saving feature Far infrared ray fun

Akaline water stick Good for your health Reduced ion water rich in mineral Decomposing and removing chlorine odors High PH level High ORP

Our company is leading supplier of Nano Energy Cup 1.Nano cup manufacturer 2.304stainless steel vacuum cup 3.PH:8.0-10 ORP:-150mv OEM/ODM is w

SHEENZI is a leading professional manufacturing factory which researches, develops and exports Energy flask, Alkaline cup, Water stick, Energy pendant

Scalar Bio Disc 1.Improves tastes of all liquids 2.Increases water energy level 3.Increases body energy level 4.Maximizes

Tourmaline waist belt(high quality, good price, with stock) 1. Improve microcirculation: 2. Activate histiocyte 3. Loss weight 4. Promoting Activa

Nano-composite material at normal temperature, automatic transmits far-infrared and ad hoc weak magnetic field, Change the heat in human body into the

Water Alkaline Pitcher 1.Adjust pH in 5 minutes 2.ORP, -180MV 3.Improve metabolism 4.Remove Chlorine, make alkaline water

Ion detox foot spa 1.Purely water reaction 2.Reduce blood sugar 3.balance blood fat and pressure 4.Hydrosana Detox Foot Spa

We are the leading supplier of Energy orthotic insoles. Energy orthotic insoles 1.Adjust the arch of foot 2.Adjust the nervous system 3.Promote

Washing ball Saving detergent, water, electricity, Sterilize bacteria and germs. Prevent skin disease, and reduce detergent remaining. Good for A

1. Reduces inflammation 2. Promote un clamping of cells 3. Enhance circulation 4. Enhance immune and endocrine systems 5. Has the ability to destr

Quantum analyzer 1. Predict the precursor of disease 2. Speed and accuracy 3. Non-invasive and painless 4. Simple and convenient

No risk of heating or Explosion since the cool mist is generated by ultrasonic, no flame or any kind of heat. Can be used as Humidifier, atomizer, air