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TURK TICARET STI is a newly formed company, a subsidiary of BalkanLink Ltd, founded in 2007 by Dr. Abdul Rahman, to supply food products to all 27 present member countries of the European Union. Our aim is to participate in the consolidation, the development and strengthening of the Union by taking advantage of the member countries great range of natural and human resources they have to offer, such as, the variety and range of their climates for growing our own crops, the use of our population’s skills, knowledge, experience, the employment of our own labour and selling to our own people thus relying on own resources.

However doing it in this manner would preach isolation, but we are conscious that we are but a small cog in a big wheel, it is by working together, hand in hand, with what the rest of the world has to offer that we could advance if not survive, this is our basic philosophy, it is with this philosophy in mind that our Union can grow, prosper and help the people of the world, for this is our aim, for a better human prosperity, comfort and happiness.

Our product groups are substantial, wide and varied; each product has its own sub-products and covers as many as our customers require us to carry, while we endeavor to provide the variety, quality is our prime priority, and while we feel our products are well and fairly priced, we never cease to strive to improve our “value to price ratio” for, quality, service, satisfaction, consumer protection are elements we have to keep, in our sights at all times, for the ultimate benefit of our customers.

We have a large range of product groups covering a variety of products in each group, starting from Energy products, to Diary products, to Oils of different types and grades to Powder Milk, to Sugar, to Poultry of all sorts and Animals, to Vegetables and fruits of all kinds, fresh and dried, to Nuts, Pistachios etc…

Our range of Energy products, to Diary products etc… are wide and varied, we endeavor to increase the variety and while we are determined to perfect the quality through human controls and supervision, we believe in using technological tools to assist us in improving it, we call upon our laboratories staff members to give us a helpful hand. TURK TICARET STI structures the exchange of commodities between suppliers and industrial/commercial consumers across the Globe.

Our Trading Partners are industrial, commercial and governmental houses and agencies. TURK TICARET STI is part of a parent company BalkanLink Ltd, it is a holding company and aims to create a large group of companies, covering all food products, a task we intend to build by either acquisition or joint ventures.

We source the highest quality products from eminent manufacturers based in the international arena to meet the ever expanding needs of our clients.

We, also, encourage growers, packers, manufacturers, traders, to seek our expertise and assistance in the merchandising of their products, our merchandising advisors and experts are just waiting for your call, please refer your enquiry to globaltradingsllc2@gmail.com. We, continuously, adopt various approaches, approaches which enable us to adjust to the ever changing needs of the end consumers, our ultimate client. Our merchandise and range of our products is aimed to capture the mind and imagination of the international markets, be it in the USA, Canada, Australia, Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe, Russia. We have representation offices in Turkey, Greece, Germany, USA, and Australia. While we have representation offices in other countries of the world, our sales enquiries are centralized and should always be directed for all our products to globaltradingsllc2@gmail.com

We endeavor to revise our website regularly, updating always for our clients our latest choice of merchandise as well as our up to date price lists. I look forward to seeing you visiting our website; needless to say, our website is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Should you have any query or request, with regards to any product, price, information, service, satisfaction, please refer it to the sales and the staff/supervisor for the product group relating to your interest. We pride ourselves for the service we provide our customers, We came to use “Service and Satisfaction” as our motto. Looking forward to serving you soon. Wishing you Good Luck and Good Business to all our prospective customers.

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4509 Sokak, Durailer, Antalya, Turkey



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