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B2B Trade show Marketing Strategy for your Business


Sadiq Suleman

Individuals that have ever been to a trade show can certainly view the importance of a B2B marketing strategy. There are several companies that tend to benefit from such trading activities have often come wondering about whether it was even worth their investment of time and money. Following are the 9 very important steps that would help towards revitalizing the trade show marketing strategy for companies within the B2B sector.

1. Advance planning

For firms to succeed in trade shows, it is extremely important that they are able to plan in advance. It is a fact that planning a trade show does require firms to implement an effective strategy. Every aspect of a trade show should be effectively measured and integrated with business strategy of a company.

2. Promoting the event

Firms can promote their event and do not have to wait merely for the trade show to get started through various ways. Some of the ways through which they can promote their event are through providing emails, social media marketing and can even provide an online press release regarding the company’s products and services.

3. Communicating with the public

Speaking on any topic that caters a large targeted audience does require a lot of confidence. It does provide a massive opportunity for promoting business to a wider audience.

4. Determining goals in advance

There are different objectives for firms that are operating within trade shows. Some firms may simply want to generate awareness regarding their firms while others may want to create sales leads and opportunities as they would help in targeting clients.

5. Selecting an appropriate location

Selection and location of a booth does play an extremely important role in the failure and success of a trade show. Being an important part of their planning and development process, it is extremely important to evaluate a location that is suitable for engagement opportunities.

6. Booth designing

It is highly important to create a powerful visual impact through the company’s booth as it helps to cater more clients.

7. Creating an engagement plan

It is important for a team to have enthusiastic and energetic employees that would help to connect with potential attendees and for implementing a strategy that would further improve the potential business plans of the company.

8. Post-event follow-up strategy

It is important to have a follow up of the individuals that had attended the booth of the company and had provided their contact information. A company can sale them their products and generate leads through providing emails or providing free sample of their services and products to generate further sales.

9. Setting up a post-trade show meeting with sales and marketing teams

After the trade show has ended, it is important to set up a debrief meeting with all the members of the marketing and sales teams as it would help to further improve their understanding. The fact of the matter is that a firm’s best ideas could fail when they have not been adequately implemented or have not been effectively analyzed.

Exhibiting in an international trade fair is beneficial but highly expensive. One needs to plan and prepare for the event well in advance and put aside a huge sum of money for it. This investment may seem fruitful but there is no guarantee if it will pay off!
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TradeKey has an experience of Trade show participation from 7 years and have participation on both self-based and assisted levels. TradeKey has done further Research and Development on the customer relation and its impact on the nurturing and conversion costs.
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