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What is TrustPoints?
TrustPoints is a points system to help determine the reliability, identity, and legitimacy of a member.
How does TrustPoints works?
TrustPoints are rewarded based on a number of factors that determine how reliable a member may be. Greater the TrustPoints, greater the reliability. Of course, it is always recommended that you inquire thoroughly before making any dealings with buyers or sellers.
The following are some factors that determine TrustPoints*:
1 - Trust Points Addition based on Positive Buyer Feedback
Transaction Amount Free Member Premium Member [Domestic] Premium Member [International]
$1 to $2,000 20 20 100
$2,001 to $5,000 50 50 200
$5,001 to $10,000 100 100 300
Over $10,000 200 200 500
Conditions for receiving Trust Points based on Positive Buyer Feedback are:
  • Proper Invoice [in order to determine product details]
  • Proof of Transaction [i.e. payment receipt etc]
  • Correspondence through TradeKey [i.e. communication logs through Message Center and/or TradeMate.]
  • Proper comments of buyers regarding the transaction.
2 - Trust Points Deduction based on Negative Buyer Feedback / Fraud Complaints
No. of Complaints Free Member Premium Member
1st Negative / FC -50 -100
2nd Negative / FC -100 -500
3rd Negative / FC SUSPENSION -1000
4th Negative / FC SUSPENSION -5000
The conditions in which Trust Points may be deducted are as follows:
  • Evidence from buyer is required in order to take necessary action against the seller
    [ i.e. trust points deduction and suspension of seller account ].
  • Premium Members may be suspended if they fail to resolve a complaint within 48 hours after their Trust Points are deducted.
  • Premium Members may be suspended if the total number of complaints against them exceeds 5 or more.
3 - Trust Points based on upgrading to Premium Membership
Criteria GoldKey SilverKey
Premium Membership with Attested Certificate OR Payment Company Bank Account (TT)* 3000 200
Premium Membership with Unattested Certificate 30 10
Premium Membership with No Certificates 0 0
* Payment by TT - Premium membership fees should be paid by Bank Wire Transfer from your Company-titled bank account. The title of the bank account used to process the payment should be the same as the company name on
  • All feedback received and/or sent is subject to TradeKey's approval. TradeKey reserves the right to modify the TrustPoints awarded for each Factor based on the current situation. TradeKey may change, without notice, the TrustPoints awarded for each Factor.
  • Trust Points for Attested Certificate are added only once during the membership tenure. Annual Renewal Trust Points are added separately and only at the start of new tenure.
  • Trust Points for Premium Membership are for basic 1 year packages only. For Trust Points on other packages/trial packages/special offers, please consult your Dedicated Relationship Manager for details.
  • All Trust Points added will reflect on member's profile within 24-48 working hours after confirmation.
  • In case of package upgrade/degrade, Trust Points will be adjusted accordingly.
Why is TrustPoints useful?
TrustPoints is a way to evaluate a member's reputation. TrustPoints provide insight to the identity and legitimacy of your trading partners on TradeKey. This will be useful as it provides more assurance to your potential buyers and sellers.
What does TrustPoints not do?
Although TrustPoints are rewarded to a member based on the above-mentioned factors, conditions and/or status of a member may change over time without notice. TrustPoints do not provide a guarantee on a member's legitimacy, reliability or trust-worthiness.
How to increase TrustPoints?
To increase your TrustPoints, you should:
  • Ask your customers to post feedback about your company
  • Upgrade your membership.
  • Pay by Wire Transfer and verify your company bank information.
  • Be a trust-worthy trading partner to avoid having trade disputes filed against you. If disputes are filed, you should have them resolved as constructively and quickly as possible.
  • Provide your company registration documents attested by your local Chamber of Commerce and/or Ministry of Foreign Affairs.