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New to the market in April 2011 our organic baby food comes in ambient format (1 year shelf life) and can be supplied in bulk packaging or Shelf Ready packaging. Both the meal pouches and 'shelf ready packaging' is in Enlgish.
The product has the following accreditations:
Soil Association (British Organic approval)
British Trading Standards approval
Produced in a BRC kitchen
All meat ingredients sourced from UK
All products are tested and certified safeby the relevant British authorities

Prices can be supplied in GBP / EUR and we can quote based on FOB UK or FOB to a port / city of a customers choice (obviously price is affected).
If demand is sufficient we can quote in other currencies. For all new foreign customers a deposit will be required before goods are sent.

Product details:
100% organic ingredients
No additives or preservatives
No added sugar / salt
No thickeners / E numbers or GM
Stage 1 recipes: Fruit Medley (V) & Vegetable Trio (V)
Stage 2 recipes: Shepherds Pie & Garden Veg & Lentil (V)
Stage 3 recipies: Beef & Veg Stew & Veg & chicken rissoto
Stage 1 - from 4 months - 100g pouch - 10 units per SRP
Stage 2 - from 7 months - 140g pouch - 10 units per SRP
Stage 3 - from 10 months - 190g pouch - 7 untis per SRP
Coming soon: Banana Porridge (V) stage 2 - 140g - 10 units per SRP

Stage 1 -  3900 units / 390 cases (weight circa 400KG)
Stage 2 - 3600 untis / 360 cases (weight circa 510KG)
Stage 3 - 2100 units / 300 cases (weight circa 400KG)

Please view web site or contact for more details or product images

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