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Bio-cosmetics are natural, organic, hand-made cosmetics from nature. It is made from 100% pure unrefined cold-pressed oils, hydrolats (flower water) and other nature gifts forever nourishes beauty.
Bio-cosmetics consists of facial creams, balms, emulsions, elixirs, oil blends, essential oils and other pure cosmetic ingredients that can completely replace the usual synthetic cosmetics.
All the cosmetic products are handmade in Bio-cosmetics Academy, in very small quantities, so there handmade products are always fresh;
The ingredients of the products are chosen of the highest quality. The partners and suppliers who provide with material comply with fair trade policy, in other words, those, who respect the rights of workers.
Bio-cosmetics Academy is licensed to manufacture cosmetics and other beauty products; the production is  notified (the products are registered in the Public Health Center).
Bio-cosmetics production is implemented according to Fair Trade policy.
The most vulnerable Bio-cosmetics products are packed into the dark glass containers that best protects natural cosmetics from negative external effects and remain fresh much longer.

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Kaunas, Lithuania

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